There is something about Gary Busey that I absolutely love. Whether it’s the unpredictability, the actions he takes, or the way he puts things, it is always truthful, funny and hilarious.

Here are his Buyesisms in alphabetical order, and if you haven’t picked up his book Buseyisms yet I highly recommend it.

Glossary of Buseyisms:

ACTION – A Confident Transition In Overcoming Negativity

ALIEN – A Living Intuitive Energy Nearby

ALIVE – Always Living In Victorious Energy

BAND – Bringing A New Direction

BEAUTY – Be Exciting And Understanding To Yourself

BELIEVE – Bring Essential Love In Every Victory Experienced

BLAME – Being Loud And Making Excuses

CALM – Carrying A Loving Mindset

CAN’T – Carrying A Negative Thought

DAD – Dedicated And Devoted or Dumb And Dumber (Depends on the Dad)

DEATH – Don’t Expect A Tragedy Here

DANCE – Discovering A Natrual Creative Expression

DENIAL – Don’t Expect New Information About Life

DESTINY – Divorced Energy Supporting Travel In New Years

DRUNK – Drinking Recklessly Understanding Nothing Kind

EASTER – Earth Angel’s Story To Enpower Resurrection

FEAR – Feeling Exposed And Rejected

GUIDE – Giving Up In Detailed Experience

HEAL – Holding Energy And Light

JOY – Jolly Optimistic You

KIND – Keeping It Nice Daily

LAW – Losers And Winners

MEAN – Making Everything Absolutely Nasty

NEAT – Nice Exciting And Tight

ODD – Other Dynamic Dimensions

PANIC – Planning Another Negative Issue Constantly

POOP – Pushing Out Old Produce

RUDE – Really Upsetting Demeanor Expressed

SAD – Seeking Another Defeat

TRUST – Talking Realistically Understsnding Sacred Truth

WIFE – Wanted In Forever Eternity

WOW – Walking On Water

What acronym was your favorite?

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