What a year! We made it and are lucky to be alive that’s for sure. There were many challenges we have all faced personally, business wise, and family wise but we are still here.

As the holidays roll out, we want to be sure we are extra safe and take extra precautions as we go out to eat and meet with family and friends.

If you can make sure you continue to diligently wash your hands, stay socially distanced while out and about, and use your mask wisely, we will end up with a very happy new year!

In the meantime, we still need to be mindful about self care and try to not over indulge during the holidays to keep your mind, body and soul on track.

Eating out nowadays is quite a treat and it is important to make sure we order what is right for our body to feed our engines and fuel them wisely.

I have been adhering to the paleo diet after doing four rounds of the whole30 diet over the past few years and have successfully lost over 30 pounds.

It took a good amount of discipline, and also a good amount of stamina to get me where I am today. I plan on sticking to the diet through the holidays but may sneak in a cocktail or glass of wine here or there (but no more than one per sitting).

In the meantime, we plan on eating out on Thanksgiving and there are many ways to improvise to not go off the diet as you order.

Here are some menu options we have recently found that help me stick to the paleo diet through the holidays.

California Baby Green Salad

This salad has baby greens with romaine, spinach or iceberg with cherry tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and olives. It may have a dressing with it, but it is best to ask them for oil and vinegar in the side. Many salad dressings have added sugar so it is critical to avoid any extra sugar. If you like your salad sweet, you can ask your waiter for honey on the side.

Adding protein like steak, tofu, boiled eggs, chicken or fish is ideal, as long as it is not marinated in sugar based dressing you are good to go!

Buffalo Chicken Wings

If I could pair techno music with the above gif I would as it seems fitting and a bit jarring. Lol. Moving on, buffalo wings that are spiced with vinegar and hot sauce are best. As long as they are not sugar based dressed, you should be A okay. No blue cheese dressing, and ask for extra celery and carrots on the side with a sugar, dairy free option. Just plain salt on them should work too!

Classic Hamburger

Ask for the burger without the bun or give it to a friend, this option is great as you can indulge in a meaty burger without cheese.

Crispy Skin Salmon

This came with cauliflower rice and sliced carrots, cucumber, and sprouts in the side with a stellar hot sauce that would knock your socks off.

Pan Roasted Chicken Breast

The above seems to be fried however a pan roasted chicken breast should always be on the menu, and if you pair it with fries or a baked potato you should be gravy baby.

Do you plan on dining out during the holidays? Where do you plan on going? What’s on your menu?

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