1. Lost a fruitful work project, Scaled my side hustle

What a doozy and a blessing, be it irony at it’s best. I am now pursuing the projects I WANT to pursue, and I have the power to work with the people I WANT to work with.

2. Lost kids at school education, Gained the patience and humility of being a 1st grade teacher

Teaching my children at home has been no easy task. Me myself had tremendous test anxiety, especially in college. I have always had the sharp fear of missing a subject or assignment then being shamed by the teacher.  Mostly from parents that put an unbelievable amount of pressure on me at such a young age. You live, you learn. I digress, but going through the childrens assignments one by one has been mind numbing to say the least. A first grade curriculum is really the basis for all learning to read and add slash subtract. These fundamentals take an extreme amount of repetition, and I am more involved with their day to day schooling then I ever wanted to be. But here we are. Great news is that they have progressed tremendously with me and my husbands help, and we have really seen growth since mid March when the pandemic hit. Thank god!

3. Realized we hate our house, Upgrading to a new one

Our current home was built in the 1960s and it is fully carpeted. So you can imagine how dusty and filthy it can get after a few days of us all being hone together. At first full house carpeting was desirable, but now that the kids are older and able to walk properly it is time for wood floors. Excited to get a new start at our new home that has an extra bedroom and bathroom for us to have additional privacy during thebday to do our thing.

4. Lost sense of independence, but gained the ability to ask for help

My independence really was my office job, and the office was taken away from me I didn’t have much to look forward to on zoom calls. They seem to be annoying and pointless, and the job seemed more monotonous and pointless for my individual growth. I knew I needed a new challenge early on, but was not very motivated to make the changes to get out of it. I became unmotivated and complacent. I didn’t like the job, and was collecting a paycheck but also wanting more with my life. I wanted to help people that wanted to be helped rather sell something that was not in high demand. When you don’t have faith in the product, it is tough to fake it until you make it. Especially for me with my heart on my sleeve and my vocal nature, I knew I needed a change. This job switch forced me to change my mind, body, and soul, allowing myself to heal and ask for help. I have asked others for help, and am so grateful for my family and friends that have helped me through this weird period.

5. Lost social freedom, gained new community memberships

The social aspect was really the hardest part of isolation during this pandemic and I love to be social. I love to talk and communicate with others, and love conencting and helping others achieve their goals. The social freedom of not going to events, not going to restaurants, not hanging with coworkers in person, and being confined to my home was maddening. Luckily I have joined many online communities that help me heal and help me be the best version of myself.

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