Skin conditions are never pleasant and can be super tricky to fully cure without testing many lotions and creams to find the one that suits you.

I developed a rash behind my knee that seems to never go away, and I think it could be a fungal infection from heavy sweating during cycling sessions.

I tried everything from steroid cream to prescription pills to cortisone, and nothing worked.

After a massive amount of digging I discovered the miracle cream, Emuaid Maximum Strength.

I was concerned about the higher price point but knew I needed to heal and this cream was my last resort.

I cleaned the area of my skins and applied a thin layer per their suggestion.

This modern homeopathic cream has concentrated ingredients to help the body activate its self healing powers, and safely fights symptoms of most resistant fungal and bacterial skin infections.

In addition to the cream, I am also taking apple cider vinegar pills daily to help my bodies PH balance. I am also drinking lemon water and eating ginger, living a paleo diet lifestyle to help me maintain a healthy Body Mass Index or BMI.

I discovered that this Emuaid Cream helps cure over 17 major skin conditions below.


My father also had hemorrhoid cream in his bathroom growing up, and maybe this was the cream he used! Emuaid cream can be used for anal fissures and anal itching too.


Diabetes is rough, especially if it involves rashes on your skin. Bed sores, pressure sores, MRSA, and pyoderma gangrenous infections can also benefit from Emuaid cream.


For many women, it is important to air out your vagina and wear underwear as infrequently as possible to let it breathe. Tight pants or anything other than cotton can be air constricting, which can lead to bacterial vaginosis. Applying this cream around the vagina area can help, consult a doctor to find out more.


Sometimes I forget to switch out my razor blade and pay for it later with a rash or ingrown hairs. Sometimes I will use tweezers to tweeze out the ingrown hairs, or use a warm compress to pull it out. Sometimes I need more, and Emuaid cream supports this!


There are all kinds of warts including facial warts, flat warts, and plantar warts. All of these types of warts are a menace to your body, and need to be removed either through wart cream or by laser treatment. Emuaid cream also supports the healing of warts too.


My sister had ezcema growing up and I never knew how painful it was until now. It can can itchy, scratchy, and can bleed or weep, and it is hard to cure and very uncomfortable to move with it. Emuaid cream helps fight off the urge to itch, and also has no chemicals, artificial ingredients, lanolin, parabens, fragrance, alcohol, steroids, or animal testing involved. It has the ability to reduce pain, infection, and inflammation when applied 3x times a day.


I hate forgetting to put on sunscreen before or right when I get to the beach. Usually I put on SPF 50 but sometimes I completely forget, especially when I have my kids along with me. If I forget I usually come out with a skin rash or hives that are tough to control. I use Emuaid cream to help control the urge to itch it, and if you don’t have aloe handy this Emuaid cream is especially useful to help the burn.


All of these types of rashes are super hard to control and there is a constant burn if left untreated. Emuaid cream helps to control the urge to itch and eventually scar your skin.

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