HOTEL ALEXANDRIA, Downtown Los Angeles

Albert C. Bilicke and Robert Alfred Rowan built the first luxury hotel in the early 1900’s in downtown LA, and it was supposedly as well known and esteemed as the Coronado Hotel is in San Diego County, California now (many hauntings and has expanded into a lovely luxury hotel on the Pacific Ocean).

Known as LA’s first five star hotel, it glittered with gemstone tile, marble, pillars, mosaic floors, and stain glass windows that sparkled.  United Artists was supposedly formed in this hotel when a meeting with Charlie Chaplin and others decided the industry needed a new crew.

Although this new, bright hotel seemed to have a bright future, by the 80’s it had financial troubles and had to be converted into low income housing for Angelenos.

Prior to that there have been numerous ghost sightings of an Edwardian women in the hallways, phantom dancers in the ballrooms, and old fashioned business men in the guest rooms. 

One room in particular, the Valentino Suite, is said to be the most haunted of them all. 

Unfortunately you cannot book this hotel, but if you are brave enough you can rent out a room.  Be our guest.


Nicknamed ‘The Suicide’, this haunted hotel still exists today.  It was home to 2 murdered females, an accidental drowning female, and 2 murderers that were convicted leading to one of them committing suicide.

The darkest was The Black Dahlia as Elizabeth Short was last seen as this bar before she was brutally murdered as her murderer sawed off all her body parts.

American Horror Story had a Hotel episode based on the stories of this hotel and others that are eerily similar and jaunting.

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Many say they’ve seen Marilyn Monroe at the bar enjoying herself as a ghost, others have seen her at the pool.  Most book her preferred suite and said to have seen her in the mirrors.

The Hollywood Roosevelt was a wonderful stay, and when I first arrived with my guests, we had already gotten a feeling like we were being watched.  After leaving for dinner, we got very lost driving back and trying to find the hotel.  Then we eerily ran into Rosaria Dawson playing the piano on her own.  It was pretty spooky, but we weren’t surprised famous actresses would be there considering it’s ritzy past.

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It’s 100th anniversary is this year, and guess who is attending the party?  All the ghosts of Hollywood’s dark past including Elizabeth Short, The Black Dahlia, studio head Jack Warner, actresses Betty Davis, Greta Garbo, and many more will be there in pure form.

The Millennium Biltmore is opulence at it’s best, where marble, quartz and pillars ordain it’s halls that hang crystal chandeliers, and guests are ready to live like a 1920’s Hollywood star.  Check out the latest article on it’s crooked past, you’re likely to be scared when booking your stay, and its long run history has plenty of stories to keep you up at night. Learn more on this article in Haute Living here.

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