Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge + How to Apply It To Your Career

Said the great Albert Einstein himself, ‘imagination is more important than knowledge.’

Patricia Varga, Jeff Weiner, and Simon Sinek, ALL GREAT LEADERS IN OUR SPACE TODAY, all produce the same, common mantra.

Can you guess what that is?


Bingo to those that said compassionate leadership.

But it’s not just about being compassionate.

It’s about being ethical and morally sound as well.

It’s about getting behind those leaders that have something valuable to say, and meaning behind it that goes beyond the four square walls in your office or home.

And that is PURPOSE.

In order for people to thrive they need to have MEANING behind their work through knowing the bigger picture and how it relates to them and the world.

Dov Seidman wrote an essay in Fortune about why business leaders need to demonstrate MORAL LEADERSHIP now, and beyond this pandemic.

CEO of Fortune Alan Murray recently quoted the following for this essay that should resonate with you:

“The business of business can no longer just be business. Everything is now personal, the business of business is therefore society. Mission and margin, profit, and principle, success and significance are now inextricably linked. In the fused world, how we relate to people and communities matters now more than ever. Going forward, businesses are going to compete on trust, on responsibility and on creating and maintaining deep relationships with their stakeholders rooted in shared truths and values.”

Does this resonate with you? If so, how?

This is saying that basically once the world was round, and now it is flat in business in the sense that EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING as Lauren Hill would say. And change comes eventually when a plan it is place.

How you do one thing is how you do everything, and creating a sense of PURPOSE, BELONGING, and GREATER GOOD for humanity is critical to uniting a team and uniting a purpose for the long haul.

Without a purpose, without a moral compass, and without inclusivity, any business will fail.

The ability to express creativity WITHOUT FEAR is critical.

When ONE PERSON stifles that creativity and judges it, while sweeping others ideas away is a DICTATOR.

It is critical to have others be able to express themselves in a healthy way that sparks creativity for your business, and being nimble is more important than ever.

How has your business become nimble this year and have you had to change?

Have you embraced changed or have you prevented it for security?

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