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Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge + How to Apply It To Your Career

Said the great Albert Einstein himself, ‘imagination is more important than knowledge.’

Patricia Varga, Jeff Weiner, and Simon Sinek, ALL GREAT LEADERS IN OUR SPACE TODAY, all produce the same, common mantra.

Can you guess what that is?


Bingo to those that said compassionate leadership.

But it’s not just about being compassionate.

It’s about being ethical and morally sound as well.

It’s about getting behind those leaders that have something valuable to say, and meaning behind it that goes beyond the four square walls in your office or home.

And that is PURPOSE.

In order for people to thrive they need to have MEANING behind their work through knowing the bigger picture and how it relates to them and the world.

Dov Seidman wrote an essay in Fortune about why business leaders need to demonstrate MORAL LEADERSHIP now, and beyond this pandemic.

CEO of Fortune Alan Murray recently quoted the following for this essay that should resonate with you:

“The business of business can no longer just be business. Everything is now personal, the business of business is therefore society. Mission and margin, profit, and principle, success and significance are now inextricably linked. In the fused world, how we relate to people and communities matters now more than ever. Going forward, businesses are going to compete on trust, on responsibility and on creating and maintaining deep relationships with their stakeholders rooted in shared truths and values.”

Does this resonate with you? If so, how?

This is saying that basically once the world was round, and now it is flat in business in the sense that EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING as Lauren Hill would say. And change comes eventually when a plan it is place.

How you do one thing is how you do everything, and creating a sense of PURPOSE, BELONGING, and GREATER GOOD for humanity is critical to uniting a team and uniting a purpose for the long haul.

Without a purpose, without a moral compass, and without inclusivity, any business will fail.

The ability to express creativity WITHOUT FEAR is critical.

When ONE PERSON stifles that creativity and judges it, while sweeping others ideas away is a DICTATOR.

It is critical to have others be able to express themselves in a healthy way that sparks creativity for your business, and being nimble is more important than ever.

How has your business become nimble this year and have you had to change?

Have you embraced changed or have you prevented it for security?

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Tips for Dealing with a Toxic Boss

Do you work in a hostile work environment? A few ways to know you are is by vetting your own feelings, and asking yourself the following questions:

* Do you dread going into the office?

* Do you feel ignored, belittled, or cut down?

* Do you feel the target of others frustration or insecurities?

* Do other people in the office feel the same way?

* Have you approached HR or Management about it via email yet?

Toxic bosses feed off of attention (all eyes on them) & emotional reactions (through contact with others). They typically have an elevated sense of self and thrive on having power over others in the workplace.

There are toxic bosses in every corporation in America, and they are protected by the companies that employ them.

The Workplace Bullying Institute defines this abuse as ‘repeated mistreatment of an employee by one or more employees or boss; abusive conduct that is: threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, work sabotage, or verbal abuse.’

The sad part is that others are aware of the abuse, and feel helpless. Others just leave the company, and many companies wonder why there is a mass exodus. HR managers can downplay the exodus to protect their own jobs.

I suggest you start applying for new jobs, but here are some ways to deal with the toxic boss in the interim:

1. Focus on Your Job, Rather then your Boss

Your boss is likely not going to change his gregarious and unprofessional behavior. You have no control over his reactions, however you do have control over how you do your job. Focus on the next best thing you can do to achieve your goals.

2. Set Boundaries on Communication

If you find your boss wants to meet one on one or calls you into meetings often, distracting you from your job, it’s time to set boundaries. Block out time on your calendar for different projects and let him know those time periods are sacred for completing projects where they need to be uninterrupted.

3. Build a Network

Others should have similar feelings about the bully as well. You should pair up with others that are feeling the same sense of bully behavior, and report the behavior together either to management or human resources. Typically the best , most effective way to go about it would be reaching out directly to the CEO or board if all else fails.

4. Document each instance of the bully’s behavior

And send a copy to your personal email address in BCC format as well. Legal implications may be necessary and you want to keep yourself protected.

5. Bad bosses stem from insecurity + lack of experience

They may not know what they are doing, or how to manage a bigger team respectfully so making them nervous and toxic. They may have a poor sense of self and feel like they are not good enough. It’s not your job to make them feel good about themselves, but you can confront them and ask them if everything is OK with them Maybe point out that you ntoive they seem tense and ask if they are doing OK. They may need someone to talk to, and although you are not the therapist they’ve always needed at least you can try to get the monkey off your back in the interim.

6. Find a new job

Just as there are many fish in the sea, there are many great bosses out there that have your growth in mind. The best bosses are the bosses that after you leave a company, you’d still want to work for them.

Although discrimination and racism happens often in the workplace, it is good to document instances and come up with a plan to protect yourself. Hiring a lawyer may also be a good idea as well, so you know your rights.

Have you had a toxic boss? What did you do to manage him or her? Any helpful tips would be great, please let us know in the comments below!

Doing Dumb Things Faster Again?

You’re still doing that? Activity doesn’t equal sales, it equals burnout.

Judgement is the new segway towards better sales results.

Who do you spend your time with?

How can I elicit my future clients pain?

What do they want?

What do they need?

How can I be of TRUE value, not perceived value?

How are they moving?

Where are the moving to?

And who are they moving with?

Let’s do our JOB, which is doing the WORK and RESEARCH to figure out who most MOST BENEFIT from a partnership with you.

I’m the Babe Ruth of Media

If you don’t know Babe Ruth I feel bad for you, son. I’ve got 99 problems but a snake ain’t one!

Team dynamics is THE most important part of a any organization you join.

And as my Aunt Cindy says, when there’s time for snakes, you need to bring in the rakes.

Any high performance leader understands this concept.

If there is a snake in the grass, the snake needs to be removed.

If there is a traitor in the building that sabotages time and energy of others, while sitting around and playing games, time to go.

Anyone that is not actively building in a company in a profitable way needs to be removed, as they are just doing what’s best for their own agenda rather than the companies.

Do you have any snakes in your grass?

Shedding the Scars of Mainstream Media

Let’s take it back, way back! 😉


The human race as a species has evolved for many years and continues to do so. When Lauren Hill said ‘Everything is everything,’ same goes for our body, mind, and soul. We certainly are who we eat, but it’s not just that. We are our habits. We are our food. And we are what we consume. Including what you SEE.


It’s more and more clear that what you see has a major influence on who you become. There was media I consumed when I younger that make me FEEL a certain way. For example, Twister is my favvorite movie. I will tell you why. It positioned the lead woman and smart, independent, courageous and a hero. I still watch it when I have bad times and it heals me.


Have you audited your emotions before and after you watch media? Or after you get off a call with a family or friend? Give it a try. Listen to a song, watch a video, talk to your cousin, and audit your feelings and emotions after it ends. Do you feel good? Do you feel bad? Do you listen to sad songs when you are sad? Yes you do. Why do you do that? Because it VALIDATES your emotions, and makes you feel better eventually as moments are time are continuous.


Patriarchal shaming is real. It is done subconsciously in the media, in your households, by your friends. We have all been conditioned to be loyal to that picture of Jesus, by that picture of Abraham Lincoln, by that picture of George Washington — mainly by the pictures we SEE as leaders effect our definition of what a leader should look like. Do you see the problem? We have been subliminally programmed to think that a leader is a tall, Caucasian man. Idols are healing, but they can also have misogynistic undertones. It has a negative effect on EVERYONE. Not just women. Here’s why.

Acceptance of the patriarchy is necessary for PROGRESS. It’s not for women who hate men, it’s for women who respect men and respect freedom of thought. Not every leader looks the same from person to person, and THAT’S NORMAL.

Defining yourself or others as mentally ill can be an excuse for to not work on themselves and GIVE UP. Giving up is never an option, however taking a break or taking a rest is acceptable.


What hard work are you putting into your life today? Leave your comments below!

9 Life Hacks for a Healthy Work Life

  1. Be kind, make allies, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY don’t negatively gossip about others like a teenager.  You don’t have to have sleepover parties, but it’s good to have colleagues you can laugh with.  Choose close colleagues wisely, and don’t talk behind anyone’s back.  Smack talk is more a reflection on YOU, rather then the person you talk about.  If you have an issue with someone else, confront him or her proactively, and don’t say anything to anyone that you wouldn’t say to your face. Be kind. Be an adult.
  2. If you build something yourself, no one can take it away from you (if you own it).  It is better to start a business in your 20’s and fail, because you can’t start a company in your 40’s and crash on your parents couch.  Well you can, but you get my drift.
  3. Any “too good to be true” opportunity is most always going to be “too good to be true.”  There are always cracks in the pavement, figure out the problems and find solutions.  Know your partners.
  4. Know the cash flow, and stay curiously learning.  As a corporate contributor, you need to understand fully where the company is at financially even if you are not the CFO.  Lunches, bi weekly chats, whatever it takes, you need to be mindful of the financial status of the company even prior to joining, and keep allies in all departments via Slack chat, whatever. 
  5. All relationships are your bread and butter. Good or bad, being respectful AND knowledgeable is key.
  6. Ask questions like Larry King before you enter into new partnership opportunities. The more you know about your clients and partner the better.  My friend was so excited to accept a new position at a company at her dream job, with the highest salary she had gotten in years.  She arrived into the company on my first day finding out that it hadn’t been profitable in years, cash flow was low, investments were thinking of pulling. Ask questions, the more you know ahead of time the more you can protect your most valuable asset, yourself.
  7. Never hire friends or family. There are no friends in business.  Hiring friends seems like a great idea right?  They have been loyal friends; they should be loyal coworkers too, right?  WRONG. People are human, and people get jealous. My friend hired two of her friends at her job, one left for another bigger competitor and got a bigger offer leaving her shit out of luck, the other made it their job to talk bad about her behind her back which led to her eventual demise in the company.  Working with friends is never a good idea as you get too emotionally invested and less transaction savvy, meaning you think with your heart instead of your head.
  8. Seize opportunity and career advancement in the form of higher titles, and do the work to get there. Do great work. When your boss is fired, offer to take the position. Seize before someone else does.  You better believe you need to step up and take over this position or ring in closely with other department heads to make sure your job is secure.
  9. You are what you think and you are what you eat.  Clear, positive, and helpful self-thinking AND clean eating compliments each other.  Staying mentally and physically healthy, and prioritizing your health first it critical.

What other tips did I leave out? Leave your comments below!