We’ve all waiting nearly 40 years for the second Top Gun, and guess who WAS NOT cast?

LITERALLY ALL of the leading ladies in the original!

IMDB clearly shows the producers left out all the main female stars in the original Top Gun Movie, which includes Kelly McGillis (Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Blackwood), Meg Ryan (Carol Bradshaw), and Linda Rae Jergens (Mary Metcalf).

But they decided to keep only Tom Cruise (Maverick) and Val Kilmer (IceMan) only?

As Mary-Kate and Ashley from Full House would say, HOW RUDE!

It is no secret that our major media outlets promote the eternal aspect of youth, but at what cost to women? Should we not have any older female role models we can look up to as we do our own grandmothers and mothers?

Can Tom Cruises love interests not be older females above the age of 35? Accordingly to his own personal love life, no they cannot.

More bad news, with bigger investors in the film like Paramount Pictures, Tencent Pictures, and more, it is NOW not releasing until June 2021.

Is it because many theaters are now closed due to COVID? Or is it because Tencent has a bad rep with President Donald Trump’s recent ban on Tencent’s WeChat and Riot Games recent tiff with Apple removing their biggest game Fortnite from their app store? Or could it be due to the human rights and patriarchal issues at Riot Games?

I guess waiting another year won’t hurt, and maybe they’ll have time to prioritize the major leading actresses that had EVERYTHING to do with their success.

Common, Tom Cruise + Team! Respect your elders!

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