Have you ever heard of Apple Cider Vinegar? I was really oblivious to this miracle worker until one of my holistic and nutrition savvy friends introduced me to it a few years ago, and wow, what a game changer! There are so many benefits to this product that I wanted to share the ten benefits I found to be more helpful in my everyday usage to hopefully help you be your best you too!

1. Facial Cleanser & Toner

If you mix one part apple cider vinegar with 5 parts of fresh water, you get a fantastic skin brightener and ph balanced solution for your skin! This solution has been known to help clear up any acne you may have, and has also been known to remove warts and moles too if directly applied to the source.

2. Weight Loss & Detox

If you mix a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm water daily, the benefits can be tremendous. Not only are there cases of this being great for weight loss, it can also clarify and remove toxins from your body. This can also help improve circulation and help clear out a sore throat too if you have issues there too.

3. Energy Boost

One of my super healthy friends loves to make a smoothie daily with yogurt, fruit and veggies. He sometimes adds chia seeds, apple cider vinegar and flax seeds to it to further increase energy in the morning. I would recommend giving this a shot as it helps to replace a daily coffee or tea with more natural energy.


4. Odor Neutralizer & Disinfectant

Have a shoe closet or entry way that smells odd? Have you tried wiping it down with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water? The initial smell is a bit pungent, but after this dries it should have a much more neutral smell to help clean your home.

5. Weed Destroyer

If you mix a few pints of Apple Cider Vinegar with a quarter cup of salt and two teaspoons of dish soap, kiss your weeds goodbye! This is a more natural way to manage your weed issue without the use of nasty pesticides that could poison your garden or plants nearby.


6. Diabetes Prevention & Circulation Improvement

There has been tests to show that drinking apple cider vinegar overnight can reduce your blood sugar and also improve circulation. Also regular exercise and improved diet can help with this too, but this could help your current reoccurring issues.

7. Salad Dressing, Sauce & Soup Enhancer

Great news is that you can mix apple coder vinegar in your favorite salad dressing, sauce or soup and it gives it an instant flavorful brightness yoy and your family will appreciate. I add it to my homemade italian dressing and barbeque sauce, it gives it a solid kick for a notch up of flavor!

8. Deodorant

I wouldn’t recommend replacing your daily deodorant now, however if you are almost out or all out of your deodorant, try rubbing a little half and half apple cider vinegar and water action to your armpits to make them smell neutral. Make sure you let it dry before putting on your shirt to prevent from staining!


9. Bad Breath Remover

Gargle with a little bout of apple cider vinegar with water and kiss bad breath goodbye! Always floss and brush your teeth daily, but test this out after you eat some garlic and you will be happy with the results!

10. Digestive Aid

Adding a little apple cider vinegar to juice or water can help give your stomach the acids it needs to be on your A game during the work week, especially if you have an upset stomach after eating fried or heavy foods.

Happy Drinking, and cheers to good health!