Happy Saturday everyone! I am happy to announce that my husband was able to convince me to go to a restaurant with the boys last night after work! It is super scary as the kids can be so unpredictable sometimes, but we were able to successfully eat an entire meal and not get kicked out! 🙂


My husband went buck wild and ordered the chocolate milkshake, banana salted caramel pancakes, that came with two eggs, hash browns and sausage, where I ordered the eggs and hash browns alone since I am on the Whole30 diet.


Luckily the hostess sat us right by another table of kids, two boys actually, so Pierce was closest to them and had fun with the little boy sitting in back of him. It was really cute as the neighbor gave him a goldfish of his, which was super sweet as he was starting to get a little antsy.


Good news is that we were all able to sit through one of our first family dinners outside the house in a long time. It is nice to know that Denny’s is very kid friendly so you can go with your children, nieces or nephews too! They have crayons and puzzles for them to work on too as the meal is being prepped by the chef. They also had sweet and low and sugar packets and maple syrup to which the boys were counting and trying to eat too.


Our waitress was very friendly and accommodating and we were happy to have a full meal there without them running out of the booth, crying, causing a scene, etc. For some time we were avoiding family dinners outside the home for this reason. It is unnerving to have to put them in a public situation as you know with kids they can be very unpredictable.


Another great thing about Denny’s was the arcade games for kids in the front. One was minion related which was perfect for my boys as they love Despicable Me 3. So they were watching it and then watching the other game too, where they were excited to engage with it as we were waiting to be seated, along with catching them for a second time on the way out.


We ordered french fries and ketchup for the boys which is their favorite! We also were excited to be out on a Friday night as most of the week is the same old schedule, so great to mix it up.


I would highly recommend Denny’s as a reasonably priced diner to take the kids to when you are looking for something new and exciting to do with your family too.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! LATER! 🙂