By the grace of God and my willing to be willing, I am 477 days alcohol free today. I wasn’t a daily drinker but a binge drinker. They say being an alcoholic is like being a man without any legs. And a man without legs can never grow them back. Similar to the legless man, once you are an alcoholic you can never not be one. For alcoholics, alcoholism never goes away. That is why I have to work on my sobriety program daily to get myself in the right mindset as I wake up and start my day. With that, I have a morning list of things I need to do to feel good,

First, I start my day by saying the 3rd step prayer:

God, I offer myself to thee, to build with me and do as thou wilt. Relieve me of the bondage of self that I may better do thy will. Take away my difficulties that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of they power, thy love, and thy way of life. May I do thy will always.

Next I pray. I ad lib each time and focus on what needs to be accomplished today. The 3rd step prayer reminds me to be grateful, but the second prayer reminds me to be humble and ask for guidance. Today I prayed for my husband on set, my mother-in-law that’s staying with us, and my workout session at my new fancy gym. I bit the bullet and actually paid for a membership this week. I prayed for perseverance and guidance on my health journey and I am excited to have a little boost of confidence with my daily workout routine. The last three days I have been doing 60 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, the bicycle, and the treadmill. I have been using the weight machines too. It’s fun to use the machines versus using the free weights. I find that my technique is off using the free weights so the machines set up the technique for me.

After I wash up, brush my teeth, shower, use the restroom, then cook myself a healthy breakfast.

Lately the cold weather is throwing my moods off in a funky way. I really hate the cold. That’s why I moved from the east coast to the west coast. No more snow for me, unless I want to head up to Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear mountain. I think if we had a fireplace the cold weather would not be as bad.

Next I read my daily emails. I make sure to read the emails that I have already signed up for like The Hustle. I mostly delete everything but The Hustle always has some good deep dives on new news trends and business flops and successes outside of the mainstream news.

What does you morning routine look like?

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