The California coats are known for their many military bases. Popular military bases that are more well-known include the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton, the Army National Guard in Santa Ana, the National Air Force base in Los Angeles, and the Sierra Army Depot. Many people worldwide come to California to experience the nice blue skies, temperate weather, and relaxing vibes. Some come on vacation, and some come to stay for good.

San Diego specifically was my home for two years. My friends in the Navy would come to port in their ship and we would have fun in Downtown San Diego, Pacific Beach (known as PB) and Ocean Beach (known as OB). We never heard of any UFO’s flying around in the early 2000’s. Whether it was kept classified by the authorities or hidden for investigative purposes, I never saw any objects flying above us at that point.

Hubble Sees Galaxy Hiding in the Night Sky
Hubble Sees Galaxy Hiding in the Night Sky by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

The NY Post seems to have shared a video from a U.S. Naval Base that shows us a spherical unidentified object flying in the sky. The video in the article was a video clip from July 2019 and shows this spherical object hover in the sky, then plunge quickly into the ocean never to be seen again until May 2022. This month the Pentagon reviewed the videos presented and noted that they have no explanation for it per the American Military News. Known as an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), it seems there are over 400 UAP’s that have been identified by the U.S. Navy that are both metallic and hypersonic and able to fly through the air and navigate within the ocean. One of the pictures notes a flashing light in the shape of a triangle that was spotted The main point here is that the Pentagon is now testifying about these sightings in a Congressional hearing at Capitol Hill.

The Geographic Department of Costa Rica shows us one of the best Lake Cote UFO pictures out there on Twitter, check it out here. Many sources claim that these objects have drones in them as well. In Bogata, Texas, there was another UAP that had three triangle shaped lights that were flying fast in the sky and captured by bystanders, check in out here. Here is another video of a pyramid shape metallic object or UFO slash UAP that is circling in the sky, turning itself in different directions. Another flying pyramid is seen in the Netherlands as well. It seems the Pentagon is committed to understanding what these objects are doing in the sky and also understanding their origins.

The forward end of the Progress 74 resupply ship
The forward end of the Progress 74 resupply ship by NASA Johnson is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

The reality is that drones seems to be able to fly very fast now and are also very available to the everyday consumer. We’ve seen them flying on the beaches above the shoreline in Los Angeles, as many people like to film the whales or dolphins floating by the shore.

What do you think these UFO’s and UAP’s are? Have you seen one before?

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