The First Full Moon of 2022 on January 17th is the called the Wolf Moon – Here’s What To Expect | Leverage Ambition

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. George Carlin

The New Year is finally here, and I always look forward to the first full moon of the season. I am not too witchy, but I do enjoy the powerful energy of the first full moon in January nicknamed the Wolf Moon.

She is in love with the moon for the way it listens when she cries and how it guides here through the darkness of the night. J.L. MacDougall

Most people originally thought that the wolves were howling because they were sad, but it is really due to the long, cold January night hunting and socializing. Wolves hunt deer and elk, which has a beneficial position in our entire ecosystem for other animals at large. Wolves are also known for travelling up to 30 miles a day in search of food and new shelter. Migration is an important part of survival for wolves. Wolves typically are not dangerous to other people, in fact they are typically fairly friendly although they cannot be domesticated like dogs.

You are the moon, illuminating the sky with your brilliance and I am the wolf, howling with longing for your soul. The Requiem of the Moon Poetry

The major significant of the Wolf Moon is ringing in the new, and leaving the old behind. Many prepare for the full Wolf Moon by leaning into meditation, journal writing, and thoughtful, mindful self-care. It is a time, similar to the New Year, to let new things in only by releasing old, dragging energy.

Only a true wolf will fall in love with the moon. J.S. Uili

The Wolf Moon may also be called the Ice Moon or the Cold Moon. This is due to paganism and nature, as the long January days are cold and filled with ice when the low temperatures allow it. The full moon shine truth on our situations. As the full moon arrives the oceans tides get higher due to the moons close pull towards earth. Many times the ocean will produce massive waves during the full moon, and since our bodies are also made of water the disruption is fully felt in our bodies. Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer signs are water signs within astrology, so normally these signs are effected a bit more than others.

Let’s end this article with a poem about the full moon:

My silence causes waves,

My howling is a warning,

For enemies to stay in their eaves,

I rule till the morning.

I am starry night’s child,

Never too late and never too soon,

I am both, the wolf in the wild,

And the majestic moon.

Phoenix Noir

What are you Full Moon rituals?

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  1. regphart69 says:

    This was quite interesting to read. I’ve actually started looking at astrology for about a year now…more about finding out who I am..a spiritual journey..I found out I’m a libra sun, aquarius rising and taurus moon.. so its interesting that I read this..thank you for posting! Happy New Year beautiful!

    1. Blessings to you, and thank you so much for your comment! I am a cancer, but not sure what my sun, rising and moon are yet. I was born on July 8th, any idea what I’d be?

      1. regphart69 says:

        Cancer sun for sure..your rising and moon have to do with where you were born and what time. It will give you your rising and moon sign..Ahh you are very intuned with your emotions! Intuitive perhaps..definitely intrigued with your writing! reminds me of me hahaha!..Another cool tidbit I researched was popular people who share your sun, moon, rising..The only one that interest me was F. Scott Fitzgerald..I started researching some about him… and my, my, my (chuckling) quite a unique gentleman from what I gather so far.. Let me know what your signs are! I’m also interested to know who you share them with! This is so awesome! Wonderful blessings to you as well my friend!

      2. regphart69 says:

        Good evening over here from SC! Cancer sun for sure…the rising and moon sign depends on time and place you were born..Ahhh you are very intouch with your feelings..thats beautiful! Perhaps intuitive.. I like your writing! It reminds me of me hahaha! … about the signs though, its also interesting to look up who share your signs with… I found F. Scott Fitzgerald was my twin, I suppose you say…but I’m kinda researching him here and there..he’s quite interesting I must say, from what I gather. When you find out your signs, let me know! And let’s see who shares your signs! That would be so cool!! Wonderful blessings to you my friend!

      3. Got it! I am cancer sun, leo rising, and libra moon. My birthday twins are Kevin Bacon and Rockefeller, lol! I’m a handful, lol! Rock on!