Compassion in leadership has always been something that is overlooked in management, but is really something valuable and necessary to help grow and nurture employees.

More and more companies big and small always prioritize profits over personalities, not realizing that taking care of employees rather than stealing from them will keep long term happy employees. People don’t leave other companies because they are happy and fulfilled, they leave because of poor connections, lack of vision and terrible missions that are undefined and nonexistent. The way we work and how we work has changed, and other compassionate companies with non-deaf tone management will help us come out better than ever before.

Here are 5 ethical leadership skills to observe as we transition back into the office after working from home.

1. Be humane and stand for something. It helps to have a career mission statement to help align your goals with the company that you want to work for now. Everyone’s values have changed during the pandemic, and that’s okay.

2. Ethical leadership means accepting the Golden Rule. To do unto others what you’d want done to you. To sum it up, honesty is the best policy. Sometimes it is hard to be truthful with performance issues, but I find that the more feedback you give both electronically or in person the better off you’ll be. Just make sure it is sensitive. Usually asking questions than making judgements to preserve their ego and keep your sanity.

3. Shine a light on the darkness. When their is injustice in an organization and ethics take part, it is better to speak up. Speaking up will help you honor yourself and honor other those around you. If something negative is going on speak up, and let it out.

4. Compassion is key. Usually people are performing poorly when other bad things are happening in their lives. Pay attention to the little things and try and read the room as you speak up. Sometimes the most prolific things that are said come from something bigger than us. As Oprah Winfrey says, listen to the whispers.

5. Give back to others and help anyone you can when you are able. This means reaching out to others in the office to see what they are working on or ask how they are doing. You never know who really needs someone else to listen to them. A smile and a simple hello can makes all the difference.

Have you been forced to go back to the office or are you still working from home today? How are you liking it?

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