Boys will be boys as they say, and as a mom of boys I can attest to that saying. Somehow we made it through another Christmas. I realized that I am not a good gift giver to my sons, however my husband (AKA Santa) is fantastic at it. I think it’s mainly because he was a boy once, so buying Christmas presents for the boys is his way of vicariously living through them and getting what HE would have wanted. Hey, if it works, it works!

The main toys we got this year include new Kindles, from which we had to setup from scratch (it could be easier Bezos just saying. Then we had a rocket launcher to set up, along with an airplane launcher. Both of these were made of that Nerf foam that is super soft. Prone to accidents, I knew something was on the horizon once we opened the gifts but as parents I know we can’t always be there in time and hey, #$%@ happens.

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Ironically, one of my sons had a loose tooth and my husband stepped on the foam rocket that hit the side of his cheek, which as you can guess completely knocked out the tooth. It was a one in a million shot, and no one could have ever predicted that would happen. My husband wasn’t even aiming at him, somehow he walked in the wrong direction and BAM there goes the tooth.

Thankfully the tooth is out, but we have no idea where it is. It could be on the floor somewhere, but I think he actually swallowed it. Either way, we are one tooth down and since the tooth fairy only gives money for collected teeth I can’t really give him money. I am thinking I should just slip in a dollar from the tooth fairy with a note saying something like this:

Thanks for the tooth, I found it on the carpet near the kitchen table. Here’s your dollar, and thanks for losing it for me! Merry Christmas! The Tooth Fairy

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Not sure how you feel about that note, but I am open to suggestions on this one. Anyhow the rocket launcher, even though there was a sudden accident, was still a major hit (no pun intended) for the kids. They really enjoyed it all day long, and had a lot of fun shooting the rocket airplane gun too. They shot the airplane down the stairs. They shot the airplane at the indoor blow up Santa train we got last year, and it works again this year too thankfully. They shot at the pictures on the wall. Luckily none of the pictures fell, and only one tooth fall out. So one missing soldier ain’t so bad. I guess we’ll consider it all a WIN-WIN situation, as I think the loose tooth was one of the cavities the dentist wants us to remove. The rocket launch incident basically saved us a good $300.

So when push comes to shove, it all panned out alright. The pandemic continuation has put a damper on our party, but we still try to avoid the fear bombs as much as we can without becoming completely paranoid. We are grateful for this Christmas, grateful for our health, and grateful for our family.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and if I don’t see you beforehand have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Good night, Santa! See you next year.

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