Deck the halls with bell’s of holly, because our kids are about to be home with us for almost a month straight! LOL! All the teacher’s are getting super excited by Christmas break and all the parents are getting super squirrely.

I am trying to avoid the ‘WE ARE BORED’ pandemic at all costs, so I have put together this quirky, fun list of long term projects and fun to get is through Christmas break. The good news is that New Year’s is always really fun as we get to make and throw homemade confetti everywhere, which is the highlight of my year. Okay, I admit it. I don’t get out much.

Here are 10 educational keep them busy as possible activities for kids 8-12 years old that might help you dodge the ‘WE ARE BORED’ statements all Christmas break long.

  1. Build a time capsule. The New Year is coming, so this is an extra fun way to celebrate next year, while honoring this past year. What memories can you place in the memory box. Keep it sealed and open it up next year for giggles and fun.
  2. Learn a new card game. Gin rummy 5,000 is always fun, plus you can table it when you get bored and leave it for later. Hearts can also be a great one to play!
  3. Measure the house and keep notes on the results.
  4. Write a letter to a person that has a job you want.
  5. Make a Treasure Map.
  6. Build a Tower of Cards.
  7. Sink the Boat. Make a paper boat or a Lego boat and see how many coins it takes to sink it for good.
  8. Scavenger Hunt.
  9. Make a Paper Chain.
  10. Play a board game. Sorry! and Chutes and Ladders are my personal favorite, but I know some of you love Monopoly and

What fun events do you have planned this Christmas? Are you going yo travel or stay put?

Happy Holidays, friends!

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