The holidays are a time of choices. Choices to visit family, choices to visit friends, choices on how you are going to run your day. Each day is a new opportunity to create and grow. The holidays can be overwhelming for us all, so I wanted to share an article about leveling up this holiday season.

My favorite holiday memories start at home with the simple things: a lit, real wood burning fireplace, yummy appetizers like cinnamon, cream cheese, crescent roll baby wraps and bacon and cream cheese crescent rolls wraps, a pristine, clean home, and Christmas music meandering in the background. These are the simple things that I love. Unfortunately we do not have a fireplace in our home now, so instead of lighting the fire, we just stream the Yule Log YouTube videos on the big screen in our living room. It’s a beautiful relaxing site indeed, with no worry that we may burn the house down.

In the spirit of the holiday season, Hanukkah kicks it off for those that celebrate, followed by Kwanzah and then my personal favorite, Christmas. Since we live far away from our relatives and are saving to buy a home, we look to save our pennies by doing fun day trips to the beach and to the mountains to hike. If you bring your bikes to the beach, it is a great way to save money by renting them and also really pumps up your natural endorphins to get your heart rate going. After the bike ride you can always lay out on the beach and play by the waves in the Pacific Ocean for us. We normally hit Perry’s Cafe, which has a ton of healthy options including natural smoothies and vibrant salads that really hit the spot. Their french fries are also slamming, and if you are in the mood for a burger or pizza there is something just for you.

Hiking is also a great way to not spend during the holidays and really gets you out into the calm, peaceful woods of nature. Solo hikes are fun for me, but sometimes I will take the kids if they aren’t gaming on their laptops. Minecraft and Kick the Buddy are our current favorites. I love going on solo hikes because it allows me to burn off some steam, while also listening to my favorite music. If you check out the Leverage Ambition YouTube Playlist’s we’ve created, I think it will help motivate you too to get up and out.

3 Simple Ways to Level Up This Holiday Season include:

  1. Stop perserverating on things you cannot change. The only really thing we can change is ourselves, not anyone else. Also letting others be themselves gives them the freedom to do and live the way they want.
  2. Take care of yourself. Like really, take care of yourself. Your mind, body, and soul need alone time and mega self-care.
  3. Step up and step out as your best self. Everywhere. And treat people with respect. Everywhere.

Keep it simple people, and treat yourself!

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