Many things still need to be clarified about the intricate specifics of the disappearance of Birgit Meier, but the bitter truth is that this gruesome case seems to linger unresolved from 1989 to 2017. This brutal crime is sickening and relentless. No one truly knew where Birgit was or could be, and without major clues from her family to the German police, it’s very clear that this was no hide-and-seek game.

A short and slender blonde with a tremendous amount of love and potential, the German mother Birgit Meyers is the man woman to be found in this longstanding disappearance case in DIG DEEPER. This is a must watch documentary series case, that Netflix plightfully calls is a docuseries. Although this series is subtitled in English from German, its captivating and smoking gun film relic was absolutely necessary to show us how our criminal systems have unmistakably failed us.

Before her disappearance, Birgit had met with her then husband to discuss their divorce proceedings. After 20 minutes of a so-called civil and emotionless conversation, her husband left leaving Brigit behind to face her ill fated destiny. Before Birgit went to bed she called her daughter, and with a simple, unalarming conversation she tucks herself into bed.

That is the night when nothing would ever be the same again for the Meier family. Everything would soon change for the worse.

Her daughter coincidentally had sporadically woken up that night, alarmingly frightened with tremor as though something horrible had happened. It was almost as if her mother’s ghost had woken her up to help her. She went back to bed after the bad dream, debating on ringing her mother but scared to frighten her too she fell back asleep.

As Birgit daughter wakes up that morning, she is groggy but determined. The first thing she does as she wakes up is call her mother, hoping and praying she’d answer and had a good laugh at the serendipitous coincidence. To her terror, she never did. Her daughter frantically go ready and drove her car over to her house. Her mother Birgit Meyers was no where to be found.

Birgits daughter noticed that her car was in the garage, which was not a normal occurrence. And her future ex husband said he had no idea where she could be, only that she was planning on going to the furniture store that next morning.

Her daughter called the police and they began a search for the body and any clues. They came up with nothing. There were no breaking and entering signs of struggle. All the pictures in the house had the family smiling and laughing all throughout the house. There was no sign of unhappiness or threat. It was an upper middle class house with absoutely no sign of entry. Detectives were searching for clues, but nothing was adding up. No blood, no body, no sign of forced entry, nothing to give them any clues to where she may be. But as we know, no one can just get up and just disappear. Even the best magicians always find their way back, and detectives were determined to make that happen for Brigit.

The German cops note that adults disappear for 4 reasons: they call them drop outs and all of a sudden to check out of their normal lives and disappear, they have terrible unforeseen accidents, they commit suicide, or they become victims of crimes.

The German detectives looked at all of the physical evidence and confirmed truly that there was no sign of forced entry. With no immediate leads, the case of Birgit Meiers begins.

The local and state detectives on the case were stumped and immediately started a manhunt for Birgits body. Brigits mother had a nice conversation with her the night before and was in complete denial that she was even missing, that she’d come back soon and everyone could rest and go home. The dreadful thought that her baby girl was lost forever was no where in sight in the beginning. Soon terror ensued.

Birgits close friend lived in Mexico City so police were led there to see if she had taken a flight over international borders, but they came back empty handed with no clues she left the country. Her husband noted that his wife would have never left her cats. They were her babies and she never would ever leave them. Her mother never ever thought she would ever kill herself. Always happy and straight forward, she would never just leave and not tell anyone considering her closeness with her family.

Her family soon placed missing persons ads and disappearance on posters throughout her town. No luck. Not a word or trace of Birgit.

It turns out 4 other murders had happened in the town at the time, shocking the locals and frightened neighbors.

Everyone thought that the same man killed all of the people and left them in a nearby forest that they now called the Murder Forest.

Police know that they are on a tight timeline to find the perpetrator, so that the killer didn’t strike again.

Bad luck struck again soon after as the local German media had now shifted their focus from Brigit to the double murders that happened in their nearby forest. Brigits family was devastated as they felt they were left aside and not prioritized anymore. After all if Birgits killer had kidnapped her, they were very anxious that the killer may be looking for them now too.

This Netflix docuseries is a must watch and shines a light on the criminal proceedings and how stones are flagrantly left unturned to help lead them to resolve the case. We highly recommend it.

What Netflix series are you watching this week?

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