2021 has been filled with blessings and challenges. I have learned so much about media, politics, freedom of speech, my family and my neighborhood.

I realize that media serves a purpose to inform us of news that impacts is on micro and macro levels. It is important for us to pay attention, but also important for us to realize what is in our immediate control and what is not. The reality is I have the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe from news channels that are not serving my highest good. When I vet my emotions before and after watching a certain news program or social media channel, and I am aware of the way I feel before and after, I am able to make decisions on what is right for me and what isn’t. I have the freedom to make choices on what I consume and what I don’t.

I am realizing that I am a magnet. I attract what I am, and I repel what I am not. I have more than enough, and staying in that headspace keeps me present and grateful. I have alot to offer and understanding my value helps me make bigger decisions with truth and honesty. Understanding what serves me and what doesn’t helps me better understand what time, energy and resources I need to put into managing my day. Prioritizing what matters is key, and what I envision will come to fruition.

The ability to be able to freely express myself and my opinions is a gift, and is not given in all parts of the world. Honoring that opportunity with content that resonates with me and others that helps the common good is our vision.

I have opened myself up to new friendships in different online communities that have enhanced my personal wellness and common goals or interests. Getting involved in community helps me get out of isolation and into the real world again, while giving it a fair chance and being patient with myself and others is the main goal.

Moving up means I need to be flexible and embrace change. My goal is to find a balance in all aspects of my life, and setting boundaries while prioritizing goals is key.

Moving out for me means moving out of partnerships that don’t align with my highest good. As I work on myself and take action, I can anticipate results and understand the next best action. Asking for help is necessary and giving and receiving equally is a good way to balance our lifestyles.

What have you moved up, on and out with this year?

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