There is something seriously wrong with the traffic lights in Mid-City LA. I get stuck at a light for 5 minutes then it changes quickly from green to red, keeping me stuck at the traffic light for over 5 lights.


I love LA, but the traffic needs to STOP. Either an above ground or below ground tunnel would give us a while new level of convenience, while keeping our commutes timely and succinct.

Do you think this is possible in earthquake central? I say YES.

If a new car tunnel port is not available, how about an energy efficient tube slide above ground that is solar powered?

I know they are building out the underground subway, but it’s taking ages and the crowd is a little shady.

It is even worse on the public transportation buses.

I do remember when Mayor Giuliani came to New York, roads, subways and safety all improved.

Is this another mission for Mayor Newsom?

It seems to be that these projects are all dragging out and while that’s happening there’s been a mass exodus of people to Austin, Seattle, Colorado, or back to their homelands. The only way small businesses can make money is by having affordable living for people to get and stay here.

Do you also notice the mega mansions on Rossmore are all empty? Aren’t there some kind of laws that prohibit buying land if you aren’t actually there?

It just seems like a time of excess for the few when everyone is just trying to make it in America again. I don’t think living and buying a home was something so difficult back when our parents were around. And honestly, I wouldn’t want to live in my parents house anyway as it would feel like I was an eternal child.

How are you feeling about the current housing situation here and what are you doing to stay afloat?

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