I’ll admit it. Sometimes I am impulsive. I get hungry sometimes and run through the McDonald’s drive thru for a quick snack or lunch with the kids.

Guess what? I’M LOVING IT.

There is this deep mom shame about bringing your kids to McDonald’s. I don’t see the issue. Hamburgers, french fries, milk, apple slices, and a TOY?! I mean can it get any better? They also have VANILLA ICE CREAM at any hour of the day, even BREAKFAST. And I was happy to see another parent get one breakfast ice cream for his kid too, lol!

Here are 10 items I enjoy on the paleo diet, that are not fully compliant but are always there for me when I am in a bind.

I am personally on a dairy free, paleo diet, and unfortunately McDonald’s does not have the almond milk option for my coffee yet. So I normally just take it black. And that’s number one.

I hope you enjoy this list, and happy fastfooding! πŸ₯“

1. Black Coffee β˜•

2. French fries 🍟

3. Egg veggie wrap 🌯

4. Sausage egg breakfast sandwich (leave off the cheese and biscuit and enjoy!) πŸ₯™

5. Plain side salad πŸ₯—

6. Bacon πŸ₯“

7. Egg frittata 🍳

8. Plain Hamburger with Lettuce & Tomato, No Bun πŸ”

9. Unsweetened Iced Tea πŸ₯€

10. Baked Potato without cheese and sour cream πŸ₯”

What is your favorite food to order off of the McDonald’s menu?

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