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I’ll admit it. Sometimes I am impulsive. I get hungry sometimes and run through the McDonald’s drive thru for a quick snack or lunch with the kids.

Guess what? I’M LOVING IT.

There is this deep mom shame about bringing your kids to McDonald’s. I don’t see the issue. Hamburgers, french fries, milk, apple slices, and a TOY?! I mean can it get any better? They also have VANILLA ICE CREAM at any hour of the day, even BREAKFAST. And I was happy to see another parent get one breakfast ice cream for his kid too, lol!

Here are 10 items I enjoy on the paleo diet, that are not fully compliant but are always there for me when I am in a bind.

I am personally on a dairy free, paleo diet, and unfortunately McDonald’s does not have the almond milk option for my coffee yet. So I normally just take it black. And that’s number one.

I hope you enjoy this list, and happy fastfooding!

1. Black Coffee

2. French fries

3. Egg veggie wrap

4. Sausage egg breakfast sandwich (leave off the cheese and biscuit and enjoy!)

5. Plain side salad

6. Bacon

7. Egg frittata

8. Plain Hamburger with Lettuce & Tomato, No Bun

9. Unsweetened Iced Tea

10. Baked Potato without cheese and sour cream

What is your favorite food to order off of the McDonald’s menu?

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