Cleveland National Forest is the southernmost national forest in the United States with over 460,000 acres. Named for our former US president Grover Cleveland, there are many lakes and camping sites to visit to basque in the crisp mountain air.

Check out one of the many beautiful lakes below.

There are 8 main Raptors or birds that occupy these lands.

  • TURKEY VULTURES – The Turkey Vulture has a small, bare, red head, and long wings. It flies in a small pronounced V and has a slow unsteady flight with clumsy wingbeats. Experts at soaring, turkey vultures soar in the mountains and valleys, circling for dead prey to feed on.
  • NORTHERN HERRIER – The herrier is a slender bird identified by it’s long wings and tail with an obvious white rump patch. While hunting for prey, it’s wings rise in a slight V shape and wingbeats are smooth while flying. Both the male and female have an owl like facial shape that helps amplify sound which they use while hunting low in fields and marshes.
  • FERRIGINOUS HAWK – This large hawk spends its winters hunting rodents in fields. They have long, broad and pointed wings. In the summer they can be found in the western United States and southern Canada. They enjoy eating squirrels, gophers, mice and rats.
  • COOPERS HAWK – Flying low and fast, while trying to catch birds in surprise attacks, these raptors are known for their bursts of speed and fast flights.
  • SWAINSONS HAWK – With a white body and dark wings, these migrant birds spend their time flying to and from North and South America. Searching for insects and rodents, they fly low to the ground to catch their prey.
  • REDTAILED HAWK – Stocky, broadwinged with a brick red tail and brown head, this raptor is perched on power poles to get a good view from the top of the mountain. This helps protect themselves from prey.
  • RED-SHOULDERED HAWK – With a compact stocky body and short broad wings, their shoulders and chest are dark orange with black and white tail feathers. They hunt rabbits and squirrels.
  • GOLDEN EAGLE – With a brown body and a small gold head, these birds hunt medium sized birds and animals. They have large broad wings that help them soar up and down wind with ease.

Have you stayed in the Cleveland National Forest?

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