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There are six critical elements you MUST understand when it comes to love and a relationship with a man. They are:







But the step that has to come first, the element that rules all other elements… is attraction.

Understanding ATTRACTION and how it works is absolutely CRITICAL if you want to create a connected, lasting relationship with a great guy. Men stay physically and emotionally “engaged” when they feel attraction for a woman.

And they don’t pull away or withdraw when they’re feeling intense attraction.

But here’s the crucial question…

How do you trigger that attraction so it can last far into a relationship?

Who is this woman who great men crave, absolutely dying to be in a deep, connected relationship with?

I call her “The Cool Girl.”

The “cool girl” isn’t about wearing the latest designer fashions, or knowing the hippest night- spots, or having the most facebook friends.

The “cool girl” is guy-speak for the kind of woman who is attractive to men in a way that even they can’t explain or often aren’t aware of. It’s a way of being that triggers unconscious, but totally encompassing, attraction in men.

In other words, “cool girl” = “relationship material.”

There’s a lot I have to share with you about attraction in my newsletter, ebook and programs, but an important first step starts with the “Cool Girl Rules.”

These rules help you get in… and stay in… a relationship with a quality man.

I’ve shared what those rules are below, but if you want to fast-track your education about commitment, attraction and how to “catch and keep” Mr. Right, you should download my ebook right now.

It’s the best education you can find on what men really want in a woman:

Okay, back to the rules…

A cool girl has a certain “positive emotional energy” that men can relate to. She might not necessarily be the most physically attractive woman in the room, but there’s just something about her that men find irresistible.

That “something” are rules that cool girls live by. And they are things you can start doing… today… to change how a man feels about and responds to you.

COOL GIRL RULE # 1: Be Positive

When you bring funny, positive thoughts and feelings to situations, you create an experience that men will want to have again and again.

That’s because a cool girl understands that instead of complaining about little, insignificant details like the food, the temperature, or the state of the trash, which will make him feel unappreciated and disinterested…

… you can have a good time and celebrate the fun and excitement you are feeling with him, creating a foundation of positive experiences.

This is the fastest way to make him connect with you and want more of you in his life, not less.

COOL GIRL RULE #2: Go With The Flow… Most Of The Time

It’s important that you show enough flexibility and spontaneity to go with the flow when it comes to social things. This makes a man feel he can make you happy, and for men, making a woman feel happy is how he feels good about himself.

There’s a difference between needing to control everything to be happy, and having an opinion or preference that you want to share in order to get closer.

Men, especially those with high-powered, stressful careers, don’t want more stress from the woman in their lives.

They want to come home to a woman who can be flexible about plans instead of rigid or set in her ways.

However, they also respect a woman who has boundaries and says clearly what is not okay with her.

You don’t want to be a doormat, or seem like a person who needs his approval.

You are a confident, fun-loving, “cool” woman who can kick up her heels and have a good time, but also knows her mind and loves to share it.

COOL GIRL RULE #3: Have Options

Cool girls are interesting women who have lots of options, interests, hobbies or friends that make them happy.

Cool girls do NOT put all their happiness in what a man does or says. They make their own happiness, and therefore a man doesn’t feel obligated to spend time with her or include her… he wants to.

COOL GIRL RULE #4: Don’t Force

Cool girls prefer that a man makes up his own mind; they don’t try to make a man do something.

If a man feels coerced or nagged or cornered into doing something, he will resent you. He won’t feel respected and will feel misunderstood.

But he won’t tell you that. He’ll just withdraw so he won’t be forced to do things he doesn’t want to do.

Instead of forcing him, let him know how happy he will make you if he does something, and then step back.

He’ll feel like you trust him and in turn will want to make you happy.

COOL GIRL RULE #5: Love Yourself

A Cool girl knows that the way a she feels and talks about herself is how a man will feel about her.

When a woman talks negatively about herself, whether it’s her weight, her intelligence or her life in general, that’s how a man will see her.

If she is looking to him for her worth and self-love, he’s not going to be interested. He’ll see her as needy and not as someone he wants to commit to.

But if she loves herself inside and out, he will love her and want to worship her forever. Starting to get a clearer picture about the kind of woman a man can’t help but want to be around and get to know better – the kind of woman he sees as a long-term prospect rather than a friend or a casual fling?


What have you seen in your experience?

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