For some reason I find it very satisfying to clean on Sundays! It is odd but I feel like I am more productive on the weekdays. Cleaning on Sundays makes me feel accomplished and ready to rock for the week ahead.

Do you like to clean? Sometimes I am really just not in the mood. It is hard to get motivated to clean, but the after effect is perfection.

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Here are 10 Sunday cleaning tasks I have completed today.

  1. Vacuuming the entire house. We are lucky that we only have two floors. Unfortunately they are all carpeted. This was great when the kids were very young and prone to falls. Now that they are older and turning 8 this year, they have lost 4 teeth in total due to the wiggles only. No harmful falls was key, so the carpets served us. When I vacuum the entire house, I make sure to do the stairs which seem to hold the most sand and dirt. It is very satisfying to empty the vacuum when I am done as there is always a ton of hair and dirt that goes straight to the garbage. Some people like to flush their vacuum dust which is effective too!
  2. Changing the bed sheets. I love a fresh set of sheets weekly. We just ordered some red Egyptian cotton sheets that have a high thread count that I love to use. We don’t realize the gunk and goo on our sheets as the week rolls out. Not sure about you, but I drool in my sleep which is gross. Changing the pillow cases is necessary too!
  3. Wiping down the counters. The counters pull in everything that we chop and eat. From coffee to tea, we always seem to spill our drinks on the counter. I like to slice bananas, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and more. With that comes all the juices that flow over and make a mess. I wiped down the counters and made sure they were shiny clean for the week ahead.
  4. Emptying the dishwasher. We always seem to be able to full the dishwasher daily. Most of our meals are homemade. My husband always makes a nice chicken stew that seems to last for the week, but boy does it make a mess. I make sure the dishwasher is always run when it is full, and empty all the clean dishes out. I love to organize them and have a whole flow that I use. Plates first, then utensils, then cups and bowls.
  5. Cleaning the microwave. This is something that I don’t normally do weekly, but I would love to remember to clean it weekly, so I’ll just leave this right here. I only use a sponge and water, as I find that the chemicals aren’t a good way to clean the microwave since food and heating water is a big part of the usage.
  6. Fluffing the pillows on the couch. For some reason the rooms are not complete without a stellar pillow arrangement. This means punching them, then karate chopping them down the middle. The decorative pillows really make the room pop and make it feel right at home.
  7. Spraying the kitchen floors so they are squeaky clean. We love when the kitchen floors are shiny and clean. Somehow chocolate milk and coffee always end up on the floor which is not ideal. We use the Swiffer mop which really helps get all the gunk off the floor and into the garbage.
  8. Cleaning the tub and shower in the bathroom. We use the Magic Eraser knock off brand to clean our tubs. I find that there always is a ton of dead skin that surrounds the sides. The sponge really gets into the cracks of the tiles and pulls off all of the bacteria left in the shower that didn’t make it to the drain yet.
  9. Cleaning the toilet bowl. This is a stinky job, but someone’s got to do it! I use the blue Lysol brand to freshen up the toilet. It seems to get all of the dirt and grime off well, especially when we let it sit for 20 minutes plus.
  10. Windows are done, man. We use Windex to clean all the windows from the inside. This makes the house smell great and gives us clear visibility when watching the birds outside.

What cleaning measures do you take on the weekends?

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