Your resume is a reflection of your experience and it is imperative to showcase your hard work in a meaningful and impactful way.


You can easily replace boring action verbs with some exciting ones below!

  1. Instead of developed, you can say administered, charted, created, devised, founded, incorporated, initiated, launched, formed, and formulated.
  2. Instead of saying saved money you can say, conserved, deducted, lessened, yielded, and reconciled.
  3. Instead of increased revenue, you can say amplified, achieved, boosted, accelerated, capitalized, improved, outpaced, lifted, sustained, stimulated, expedited and expanded.
  4. Instead of changed, you can say clarified, customized, merged, centralized, refined, remodeled, replaced, revamped, simplified, updated, and streamlined.
  5. Instead of managed or led a team, you can align, cultivate, enable, hired, inspired, mentored, motivated, directed, and mentored.
  6. Instead of responsible for, you can say navigated, negotiated, secured, partnered, forged and acquired.
  7. Instead of supporting customers, you can say coached, advised, advocated, consulted, educated and fielded.
  8. Instead of researched, you can say examined, explored, forecast, calculated, assessed, assembled, and analyzed.
  9. Instead of communicated, you can say briefed, campaigned, co-authored, convinced, edited, documented, publicized and review.
  10. Instead of oversaw, you can say dispatched, enforced, inspected, itemized, monitored, screened, verified, and ensured.
  11. Instead of hitting goals, you can say attained, awarded, earned, exceeded, outperformed, showcased, succeeded, targeted and surpassed.


Bring your resume up to date with a new, fancy template. Everyone appreciates a unique resume that looks clean, professional, and up to date artistically. Once you make it look modern, you’ll be able to gain more views. More views will lead to more interviews and more job offers.


This is a great time to summarize your resume and focus on your main goals and achievements. This will include your top skills to quickly communicate your experience to recruiters and hiring managers.


Everyone likes to see numbers that are meaningful. If you have doubled revenue, show that! Improving data and revenue with your tricks of the trade can improve your likelihood of being selected for the job. For example, helped improve revenue 400% year over year by implementing new processes, hiring 7 new team members, and helped clients achieve cost savings of over 200%.


Keyword targeting is HUGE and can make the difference of a hiring manager seeing your resume or not. If the job summary includes specific keywords that are not already in your resume, you need to add them. Once you add them, any consumer tracking system or hiring system will qualify your resume with the terms needed to do the job. If your resume is not selected with the key term search, you will lose out on being seen. It’s important to tailor your resume to the job summary and include the key words so that your resume is included in the stack of resumes that pass that test.

What other hints and tips have you found helpful while tweaking your resume?

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