We’ve all been there – stuck in a rut and needing to get out. It is hard to understand the way out when you are at the bottom. Inch by inch you can do it and here are 20 ways you can step up your life and get out of that funk.

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com
  1. Write down what it will take to get you to move in the right direction.
  2. Come up with some good ideas to turn around your current situation.
  3. Challenge yourself by solving complicated problems with simplicity and care.
  4. Transform yourself by going outside of the box in conversation and use humor to your advantage.
  5. Build on others ideas and brainstorm ways to do it differently with a similar or better result.
  6. Ask for help from more experienced people.
  7. Find a mentor.
  8. Don’t punish failures, but change the battle plan and reward your efforts.
  9. Never say I can’t instead say I won’t.
  10. The more you share about you, the more people will like you.
  11. In order to get new ideas you are going to have to travel and seek out new paths.
  12. Solve problems by asking the right and more questions.
  13. Prioritize your time. Make sure the most important things get done first.
  14. The odds will always be against you, so use hard work to win.
  15. Like Nike, you need to just do it.
  16. Stop making excuses for not doing the important things.
  17. Planning ahead for the future is a necessary part of marriage.
  18. Turn negatives into positives with humor and gratitude.
  19. Meditate and be still so you can get better clarity on your work.
  20. You are the only person responsible for giving your life meaning, no one else is responsible for that but yourself.

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