Jessica Biel stars and produced The Sinner Series on Netflix, and it’s pretty rad slash disturbing.

The plot starts off by seeing Jessica Biel on the beach with her new family and child. She is slicing a pear for her son, and sees a man and woman flirting a being physically inappropriate, where she gets alarmed and stabs the young man with her knife she used for cutting the pear. As she stabs the man, he looks up at her and you realize that they know each other. Somehow later we find out that it is the man that killed her sister by accident.

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Jessica Biel ends up going to jail in the first 20 minutes of the series, which portrays her as a bad ass criminal. This is the last thing we think of when thinking of the real Jessica Biel, and this was the first time she’s played a criminal in her series of acting through the years.

Mainly known for her longstanding role in 7th Heaven, we see how Biel changes from America’s sweetheart to America’s most wanted.

I enjoyed this series as it rolls out slowly, and mysteriously. The detectives are trying to understand why she decided to kill a stranger on the beach on a nice day out with her family.

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We find our her dark family past where her mom was emotionally abusive and over religious. Her mother was always worrying about her sick sister, and would blame Biel for her being sick. One time she blamed Biel for her sister getting sicker because she ate a chocolate bar. It is super cruel to see, but you can understand how she is just not there in many ways through her adult life.

This Series has three different seasons that are all very different, but runs through the life of Bill Pulman’s character who is a detective in upstate New York.

Have you seen The Sinner Series yet? Did you like it?

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