15 Hard Things Successful Leader’s Have To Do | Leverage Ambition

  1. You have to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  2. You have to fear risk but do it anyway.
  3. You have to not be afraid of not being liked.
  4. You have to both find your motivation and inspire others.
  5. You have to fail forward.
  6. You have to rise above dysfunction and drama as it doesn’t serve you and wastes your time.
  7. You have to be positive when everyone is negative.
  8. You have to lead when no one wants to follow, but just try another take on it.
  9. You have to invest in yourself.
  10. You have to trust others before people trust you.
  11. You have to reach your goals and deliver on results.
  12. You have to foresee the future while staying present.
  13. You have to have a battle plan, and a back up plan.
  14. You have to communicate upwards and downwards with ease.
  15. You have to go easy on yourself and others, and when all else fails rework the plan.

What other hard things do successful leaders have to do?

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