Leadership has endless responsibility and needs to be taken with care and sensitivity in order to help deliver towards the companies goals. The best way to stick to your values in management is to stay true to them and deliver as best as possible with the assets you have at hand.

Here are 10 assets of leaders who deliver.

  1. They use their power mindfully and vigilantly. They ask for favors from others and know when to ask for help. Timing is everything so making sure you and your team are taken care of is key to delivering towards your goals.
  2. They share as much information as possible from the top down to the top up. Taking note of progress is key and using a CRM system to track progress will help you and your team understand where they need to improve.
  3. They are mindful when using their power. They are intentional in asking for favors from the top to help the bottom, and the company as a whole.
  4. They talk endlessly about responsibility. The team is assigned a responsibility through the goals they possess. It is the leaders job to ensure they hit those goals and if they are lagging behind the plan needs to improve.
  5. They understand politics. It is imperative to make nice with everyone on the top and keep good relationships with everyone, even if you do not like them as a person. Checking in on other team members a few times a week and asking them how you can help them is key to politicking with care.
  6. They adjust goals to ensure their team is motivated to win. If goals are overly ambitious and the change of plans has not worked, it’s time to go to the top and ask for help with an adjustment that is more realistic.
  7. They are obsessed with performance and results. Leaders are responsible for the performance of every team member and sometimes it may be necessary to cut and replace team members that are not performing well.
  8. Bad behavior is never acceptable for you or between team members so putting it out as soon as possible is necessary for team development and team psyche.
  9. Leaders create positive conditions for the team to flourish in their positions. They block them from other naysayers and scalawags looking to diminish moral and distract them from their goals.
  10. Leaders review both wins and losses with the team as often as possible to share what success and failures look like to repeat the success that matters most.

What other things do great leaders do?

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