I have 1,111 followers now! Yippee! Thank you for following me and thank you for your support. I have had a great time posting helpful articles to make you smile and I appreciate you tuning in. I looked at the number of followers today and it was at 1111. This is known as an angelic number, so I want to talk about it’s meaning for you.

1111 sightings mean that there are angels nearby saying that you are being guided on the right path and that the ascended masters like Buddha, JC, Quam Yin, and our other support systems in the universe are helping you out. It is a reminder that you are here to make a positive impact on the world.

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1111 sightings mean that a new opportunity or new opening is coming soon for you. It is almost time to celebrate new beginnings and the divine masters have your back.

1111 sightings mean that it’s important to pay attention to your thoughts. Your thoughts can manifest your reality. Your guides are helping you navigate your new manifestations and you are being guided to great opportunities.

1111 sightings mean that your ancestors have your back. They are honoring your life by being your angelic spirit guides. It is important to understand the seeds your ancestors planted and to grow them with your own journey and your own take on it. Know that one day you will be reunited with loved ones and that there is a plan for you.

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1111 sightings help you understand your talents and see how your talents are designed to help and entertain others in a positive way. You understand others and accept people as they are out of respect for them and their spiritual guides.

1111 sightings help you understand your true self. This number sequence helps you understand the different pieces of you and helps you understand how to respect each facet of yourself.

1111 sightings are destined to be times to set intentions or wishes, and then take action. It is natural to grow and take different routes to learn who you are and what excited you. Follow your passions and you will discover your purpose.

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1111 sightings remind us that we are the co-creators of our lives in tandem with the universe, and we have a special purpose on earth. You are your choices and your experiences collectively, which is powerful to be able to create your own reality. Love yourself and respect your journey.

Have you seen 1111 recently? Do you believe in numerology?

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