What’s Your Leprechaun Name? | Leverage Ambition

Saint Patrick’s Day is soon approaching and it is necessary to find our leprechaun name so we can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Here’s how you create your leprechaun name!


A – Sprinkles

B – Daffodil

C – Fighting

D – Bunyon

E – Warty

F – Toadstool

G – Wooly

H – Clover

I – Blarney

J – Clumsy

K – Thunderous

L – Tater

M – Bleary

N – Greenie

O – Rusty

P – Lucky

Q – Fortune

R – Sillelagh

S – Goldie

T – Peevish

U – Fearsome

V – Potsy

W – Dizzy

X – Patty

Y – Stumpy

Z – Whispers

Photo by Enric Cruz Lu00f3pez on Pexels.com


A – O’Blaze

B – McTavern

C – O’Rainbow

D – McMuffin

E – O’Wobbles

F – McFearsome

G – O’Knuckles

H – McDoodles

I – O’Looney

J – McWhiskey

K – McTurnips

L – O’Bourbon

M – McSmelly

N – McCoppertop

O – O’Gingerly

P – McFeverisk

Q – O’Cranky

R – McKnob

S – McWoozy

T – O’Shivers

U – McCharitless

V – O’Wickless

W – McSpud

X – McOutrage

Y – O’Lying

Z – McSullied

My name is Goldie McDoodles, what is your leprechaun name?

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