Emma Thompson plays the magical author of Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers. An English woman that write the story that was reflected by her own life becomes so popular that Walt Disney wants the rights to it. While Mrs. Travers wants to keep her book as is, Walt Disney is persistent and for 20 years tries to get Mrs. Travers to give him the rights to her books so he may make an animated movie. Finally after years of not selling as many books anymore, and coming into financial troubles, Mrs. Travers decides to take a trip to California to meet Walt Disney in person to go over the opportunity again with him.

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The two at first are not so keen about each other, where Mrs. Travers is especially most defensive about the way Disney wants to roll out the movie. She is even so particular that she requests that the color red not be allowed in the film. As Mrs. Travers is opinionated and not open to change, Disney brings her to the magic kingdom where he makes he ride on the horses within his Merry Go Round. Things after seem to change where she ends up being more open to the movie suggestions Disney’s team has.

It seems that Mrs. Travers did not have the best childhood. Her father was a severe alcoholic and her mother was suicidal. With two other brothers and sisters, a Mary Poppins like caretaker did in fact come to live with her and her family growing up. This woman had such a powerful impact on her life that she dedicated a book to her, called Mary Poppins.

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This movie gives us an inside look on the way Walt Disney worked with others and helped them see their dreams come to life. He helped promote the book in the most earnest of ways, giving it a Disney animated movie that was one of my very favorites growing up.

I really loved how Mrs. Travers turns her bad attitude from a chip on her shoulder to being more apt to work with others. She signs off the rights to her book and Mary Poppins becomes eternalized in the Disney repertoire of films.

I really loved this historic piece and enjoyed seeing Tom Hanks play Walt Disney. You could see Tom studied Walt’s mannerisms as his wave and stance were similar to the real thing.

Did you watch the Netflix movie yet? Did you also enjoy Mary Poppins as a child? Have you seen it in theaters? I saw it on Broadway and it was truly magnificent.

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