This was a really great crime series from a small town in Luxembourg. Although dubbed in English, there are so many twists and turns in this murder series that has everyone guessing who did it! Spoiler alert!

It starts out with the police finding a dead girl that supposedly jumped off a cliff, who happened to have a twin sister. The other twin sister faked her own death and pretended she was the good twin so that her dad would love her. The reality is the other twin pushed her off the cliff in a jealous rage.

The night of the murder the dad and some of his military friends are out in the woods drinking and doing drugs when they discover the girl. They decide that they had to move to body to make it look like they weren’t in the area and didn’t do it.

Reality is the dad is actually having an affair with the town bakers daughter who is a drug dealer. They have sex in his own house and in her baker truck. Meanwhile the mother of the twin girls ends up marrying a guy who commits suicide in the house.

Turns out that Capitani is the detective assigned to his case, and his detective partner ends up getting pregnant with one of the military men that is the back of all the drug dealing issues. He covers up the transport of the drugs through military supplies with his friend from another country.

I really enjoyed this series and binge watched it over the course of a day. I highly recommend it as the acting is pretty good and the plot summary is really an amazing one as you’d never guess that a twin would kill it’s own twin!

Have you seen this crime series yet? How did you like it?

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