Sometimes I feel so small knowing that the universe is so massive. We have little control over what the universe does and what is in it. It is 93 billion years in light diameter and that is just the observable universe.

Here are 10 ways the universe could destroy us:

  1. Rogue planets may break away from their original orbit and are left to roam through space. This could be extremely dangerous. Colliding with one of them could crack our planet and most likely impossible to prevent.
  2. Galactic Cannibalism could destroy us by galaxies swallowing up other galaxies. This could destroy earth or the Milky Way. If the gravity balance is changed, Andromeda can swallow it up. This could throw the Earth out of the Suns orbit killing us.
  3. Black holes are arguably the most powerful thing in the universe and is about 27 million light years away. NASA found one in 2017 but they say it is not a threat to us at the moment.
  4. Black holes are formed when a star dies and goes into a Supernova. The gamma ray bursts is bad news as the Earth could completely fry. Scientists think this is why everything went extinct years ago.
  5. Meteorite impacts could wipe us out, like they wiped out the dinosaurs before. 3 billion years ago one came and fried our seas and made the temperature unlivable. NASA said random asteroid strikes may be coming our way in the next 20 years or so and we may not be able to stop it.
  6. Earth is constantly getting radiation, but the only thing protecting it is the Ozone layer around the Earth. This is why it is so important we keep it safe and sound. The brightness of the sun and radiation could wipe us out.
  7. Coronal mass ejection could lead us to a total electric failure worldwide. Sanitation and running water could be completely wiped out. A solar flare came in 2012 and we were able to avoid it, but we are trying to combat it.
  8. Quantum physics tells us that the False Vacuum Theory could make us collapse completely. We wouldn’t be able to see it coming and the universe could be completely obliterated.
  9. Hyper-velocity stars can end up rocketing through space and burning everything in space. There is no way to stop it. Scientists have identified over 1000.
  10. Magnatars could kills us and are basically like stars that could cause earthquakes. The gamma energy could wipe us out and destroy our Ozone layer, exposing us to the dangers of the universe.

What else could wipe earth out?

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