Life has been pretty simple since lock down last March 2020. The days can seem fast then slow, all somewhat intermingling as one concurrent day. It is amazing how time stops when you are forced to stay home, and it is amazing to do some much needed internal, self reflection work to understand your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

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I have had much more time with my family over the last year than ever before, and I am so grateful that the universe has slowed me down. I don’t think I would have slowed down without this stay at home mandatory serving, and as it’s been hard at times, I’ve been reminded of the things I am grateful for, the things I need to work on personally, and have come clearer on the goals I’d like to accomplish professionally too.

Here are 17 life reminders that I have used as mantras to wake up and be the best I can be.

  1. God made you different. Don’t ruin that trying to be like somebody else. You have a unique plan for your unique purpose and no one can take that from you. Rejection is redirection and the universe will help you adjust if you cannot do it for yourself.
  2. Some connections require space to survive, some need to die in order to be reborn, and some connections need to be released for you to breathe. There is always a reason for the season.
  3. Remind yourself of the connections you have that are one-sided. If you are putting in more than you take out, it is most likely draining your time and energy. Focus on those relationships that are mutually reciprocated and you will be healthier and happier in the long run.
  4. A great relationship is work. Not having fights is just as bad of a sign as having a ton of fights. There needs to be passion, mutual love and respect, and patience. We are all trying to grow into our best selves and self preservation along with self love is just as important with yourself to make you more available for your partner.
  5. You may lose people when you stop trauma bonding, honor your boundaries, refuse to do their emotional work for them, stop seeking external validation, and step into your own power. What is meant to stay will stay, and what is meant to go was never yours in the first place.
  6. Believe in your dreams until they manifest for you. Things don’t just happen over night. You need to take baby steps in the right direction and shoot for 1% better every day. This way you put the work in to receive the bounty.
  7. We all have vulnerabilities and flaws. When we face them and honor ourselves with those realizations we honor ourselves and love ourselves, to which others will in turn honor us for being honest and true.
  8. When you stand up and speak your truth, you clear an easier path for others to do the same. Conquer on warrior!
  9. Judge nothing, forgive everything, and love everything so you can rest well when you hit the pillow at night.
  10. The universe isolates you so you can find your purpose. It may seem like you’ve lost relationships but finding your passion path and purpose in life is worth more. Honor your souls purpose and the relationships that need to be with you will appear.
  11. When you do not have expectations, you will not have disappointments.
  12. When you adjust your attitude and the way you respond, you can easily adjust your stress levels and balance them out to live a healthier and happier life.
  13. Relationships are like birds. If you hold tightly, they die. If you hold loosely, they fly. But if you hold with care they remain forever.
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What other tips can you share with our community tonight?

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