Don Mattingly was the one captain of the New York Yankees who’s jersey number 23 was retired without winning a World Series ring.

Don, also known as The Hit Man, was the captain of the team from ’91 to ’95. Only after Donnie left the team won the World Series in 1996 then again in 1999.

I was in 9th grade in 1996. When the Yankees won the World Series in 1996, me and three friends decided we were going to skip school and go to the Yankees Day Parade in New York City. We pooled our money together on the school bus on the way into school. We knew we had enough money to get us to and from the city on the Long Island Railroad. The LIRR was packed early that morning with Yankee fans and regular daily commuters.

I wasn’t born a Yankees fan, my uncle made me one in the the 80s when he took me to my first game. On the way to the stadium he made me close my eyes when passing the Mets stadium and made me swear to never like them.

At that time I didn’t know my mom was a Mets fan, and that he mainly wanted to make me a Yankees fan to piss her off. Ah the joys of a lifelong sibling rivalry!

The stadium was huge! We sat the bleachers seat hoping to catch a fly ball and we came really close to it. The fly ball was from none other than The Hit Man himself, Don Mattingly.

The Yankees will always be my number one team, however moving to Los Angeles has me having an interest in the Dodgers mainly because they won the World Series last year.

What is your favorite baseball team? Let me know the backstory in the comments below!

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