The setting is the city of Los Angeles in the mid 80’s. What seemed to be a high time in LA, was ridden by intense terror lurking in the shadows. An evil creep on a mission to kill was determined to destroy as many lives as possible, murdering senior citizens and young women while sexually molesting children.

On the sunny side, Los Angeles had hosted the Olympics, which was a great honor to any city as it brought in a ton of tourism and business. The Pope and the Queen of England visited. The city was booming with pride.

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The glamour, the celebrities, and the dream of becoming a movie star was behind most every visitor. Any type of transformation was possible. Even evil ones.

LA had it’s charm but on the other side of the tracks, it could be a very dangerous place. And this place attracted a ton of dangerous people from all around the world desperate for a dream. Richard’s dream was becoming the next solo Manson.

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Richard Ramirez was the last of 5 children, and his father was a rage infested physical abuser looking to make his children pay for their mistakes (or pay for his). One incident told said that he tied Richard to a cross outside and made him stay there over night. Richard often would sleep outside in a nearby graveyard to get away from the consistent abuse.

He soon friended and became very close with his older cousin, who had just come back from the Vietnam was a decade earlier. He would boast about how he had killed Vietnamese women during his service, and even had pictures of the grotesque mutilations that he would show him.

Soon Richard, or Little Ricky, wanted to prove himself to his cousin. And so began his solo mission to self lead a sick sporadic killing spree that led to over 20 deaths.

This series was like a new age Unsolved Mysteries, and was very well put together. The story was well edited and had great flow. The detectives that ran the case reminded me of a more serious, and real life version of Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

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This was a binge worthy short series that I highly recommend. It shows the lack of forensic science they had but still were able to solve the case.

Have you watched it yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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