Last year I went pretty ham on Soul Cycle classes. I decided to challenge myself to a daily spin pre-workday to get me energized to sell.

It was working out very well until I discovered an red itchy patch on the back on my legs.

I decided to seek help.

Here starts my year long journey.

First doctor visit I went to urgent care and they diagnosed it as bed bugs. I never had bed bugs and no one else in my family had the same rash as me so I didn’t think I had them but tried the permethrin lotion anyway. The rash remained.

Second doctor was the dermatologist who also diagnosed it as bed bugs but also said if it’s not, come back. I never did, and she seemed in a rush as she had many patients so decided not to go back.

Third doctor I went to my Primary Care Physician who said it was my detergent and to change to Tide Free + Clear Hypoallergenic. Didn’t work.

Onto the next, the fourth doctor was not a doctor at all. Just my HR manager who thought it was from dogs coming into the office. He made a new rule to not allow them in, but the rash remained.

The fifth doctor was also not a real doctor but my husband who told me to take his allergy pill. I started taking it and it made me angry at first. The rash cleared a little but not fully. Still on the allergy pills, not sure they are working but keeping the faith.

The sixth doctor was another urgent care doctor who prescribed a higher dose of cortisone. It cleared very little but still remained.

The seventh fake doctor was my husband again who told me not to shave my legs. He said he didn’t care, but I didn’t want to be a hermit sasquatch in COVID isolation, so passed.

The eigth doctor was my gynecologist who told me that I had a yeast infection and prescribed me antibiotics. No cure.

The ninth doctor was back to my gynecologist who gave me steroids. They were too strong, and my parents thought I was on drugs and to stop them. No cure found.

The tenth doctor was an internet self proclaimed doctor who had psoriasis. He soaked in the bath daily, and used a pumice stone to rid his scaly leg rash. After he applied EGYPTIAN MAGIC cream from Whole Foods, and that FINALLY worked.

It took me a year to test but glad I finally found the recipe for success.

Here is a picture of the Egyptian Magic Cream + Pumice Stone that I bought from Whole Foods:

I hope this helps you cure your rash, let me know in the comments below!

Also by the way, Psoriasis can also be dubbed Atopic Dermatitis or Ezcema depending on who you speak to. They all seem like the same thing but let me know if you know the difference!

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