Turning 40 (OMFG) | Leverage Ambition

Holy CANNOLI, I am turning 40! Photo by ANGELOXWU on Pexels.com Like what happened in the last 40 years, did I black out from sheer joy? Eh. Yeah, NOT. Could me calling myself out and screaming MELARKY mean I am a grown up now? The subject can be debated for sure, haha! S$%^ got real … Continue reading Turning 40 (OMFG) | Leverage Ambition

I Got 99 Problems But an App Ain’t One

If anyone is homeschooling their children, they have MOST DEFINITELY had difficulties with APPS and BROWSER BASED school logins in the last 48 hours. Do not panic. Remain calm. Email your teacher. Breathe In. Breathe Out. Repeat. You. Can. Do. IT. Breathe again. You got this. That is all. I will leave this RIGHT HERE. … Continue reading I Got 99 Problems But an App Ain’t One