Homemade Artwork of the Week

I went for a sun that looks like the coronavirus with stars, crescent moons, and a smiley face. What do you think? Here's a shot of it at a higher angle with my cool lamp I got from Ross. What artwork have you made recently? I'd love to see it, post it in the comments … Continue reading Homemade Artwork of the Week

Best Way to Wash a Quilt: Your Bathtub

Suzy homemaker is here today, guys! As a mom of two this year has been a dozy. We have come up with many DIY (Do It Yourself for those living under a rock) shortcuts to help us live better. This tip in particular comes from us going to the beach often. I realized yesterday that … Continue reading Best Way to Wash a Quilt: Your Bathtub

DIY All-Purpose Cleaning Sprays

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com My least favorite thing to buy at the store is cleaning sprays. Here's why. First off, they are overly expensive to buy. I have seen cleaning sprays for kitchen, bathrooms, and windows for over $20. I don't think it costs that much to make! Second, the ingredients list is alarming … Continue reading DIY All-Purpose Cleaning Sprays

Whole30 Snack – Deviled Eggs & Homemade Mayo

  Happy Holidays to everyone!   I am excited to share the following: 1) I took off a week from my day job to potty train my twin boys and chill with my husband; 2) We booked a few days in the Westin Hotel in Long Beach and it was awesome. The room service and … Continue reading Whole30 Snack – Deviled Eggs & Homemade Mayo