Adult Maturity Checklist | Leverage Ambition

The checklist below is to help evaluate maturity in adulthood. A Checklist for Evaluating Maturity The difficulties of coping with character defects in another are much more effectively met when we ourselves reflect attitudes of mature adults. A mature adult is one who: 1.      Does not automatically resent criticism, realizing that it may contain a suggestion … Continue reading Adult Maturity Checklist | Leverage Ambition

Process Your Anger for FREE via ACOA Zoom Meetings

Most of America is super angry at the start of fall this 2020. And we need an outlet desperately. If you are angry, look no further than group ZOOM meetings for ACOA's. ACOA stands for Adult Children of Alcoholics. ACOA's are a lovely creative bunch. Despite unfortunate circumstances, ACOA's have or have had an alcoholic … Continue reading Process Your Anger for FREE via ACOA Zoom Meetings