I absolutely love, love, love the holidays! With our house literally decorated with all the lights and trees galore the day after Thanksgiving, there’s no day but today to get festively creative with decorating and having fun.

Christmas is a time to be thankful for our friends and family. It is a time to enjoy loved ones. And it is great time to not take yourself so seriously by buying into the buying pressure of the holiday. I used to get caught up in all the hustle bustle of shopping and finding black friday deals. This time around this stuff seems insignificantly outrageous. So instead of putting present pressure on myself, I decided to make homemade Christmas cards that come straight from the heart. I used leftover construction paper, crayons, glue, and cut outs to creative create cards to mail USPS to my family. For my friends, I am going to do a token family Instagram post wishing all a happy holiday season.

It’s time we stop taking ourselves so seriously and quit buying into the negative news hype. So with that, to be a little edgy and in the true holiday spirit, I’ve come up with a What’s Your Elf Name post that you can use in your home or in the office. It will surely brighten up our day, and lighten up our mood. So in the spirit of Christmas, find your elf name below and please post your silly name in the comments.

Happy Holidays!


Pick the First Letter of Your Last Name

A – Twinkle

B – Chilly

C – Merry

D – Figgy

E – Lucky

F – Snowy

G – Dizzy

H – Sugarplum

I – Pepper

J – Cinnamon

K – Tiny

L – Sprinkle

M – Chippy

N – Nutmeg

O – Cracker

P – Dizzy

R – Happy

S – Sprout

T – Tinkle

U – Sleigh

V – Snowy

W – Cheeseball

X – Mistletoe

Y – Yule Log

Z – Zephyr

Pick Your Birthday Month or Work Anniversary Month

January – McJangles

February – Glittergum

March – Treetopper

April – Flashinglights

May – Reindeerrider

June – Sparklefarts

July – Tinsletoes

August – McStockingStuffer

September – Von CandyCane

October – Pretzeltwist

November – Cookiecrumbler

December – Toytrapper

My elf name is Sugarplum Tinsletoes, what’s your elf name?

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