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Easter is almost here! We need to be sure you are ready for the big day with your own unique Easter Bunny Name.

Let us know your Easter Bunny Name in the comments below, and Happy Easter!

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A – Nibbles

B – Dizzy

C – Lucky

D – Whisper

E – Sparkly

F – Sweet

G – Pink

H – Smarty

I – Wild

J – Fluffy

K – Flower

L – Candy

M – Thumper

N – Carrot

O – Hoppy

P – Sassy

Q – Smiley

R – Crazy

S – Purple

T – Lily

U – Trixy

V – Rainbow

W – Dizzy

X – Sprinkles

Y – Candy

Z – Wild

Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com


A – Happy Feet

B – Lemon Drop

C – Cup Cake

D – Rain Drop

E – Sunshine

F – Pop Rocks

G – Lollipop

H – Cuddle Baby

I – Cookie Buns

J – Peach Fluff

K – Gum Drop

L – Candy Bar

M – Jelly Bean

N – Cottontail

O – Sugar Baby

P – Honey Hare

Q – Jumpy Pants

R – Snuggle Muffin

S – Marchmallow

T – Cutie Pie

U – Cotton Tale

V – Bubble

W – Doodles

X – Carrot Stick

Y – Sugar Cakes

Z – Fluffy Buns

My Easter Bunny Name is Wild Doodles, what’s yours?

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  1. Sapphira says:

    My Easter bunny name is Nibbles Doodles 😂

    1. Hahaha, great one! 🙂