Here Comes the Sun is a song by The Beatles, video below if you want to listen. My interpretation of it is that things were bad, but there is a new hope in the new days to come.

Daylight savings is tomorrow! This means that we have to move our clocks forward an hour, which gives us more sun in the night time. This also means that we will lose an hour of sleep. Sunrise and sunset are both an hour later.

The history of daylight savings started in Germany in 1916 around World War I in effort to save money and energy as coal was being burned often for energy. Congress got rid of this after the war but it was reinstated by Franklin D. Roosevelt our president during World War II. Fuel was also saved during this time.

Marco Rubio one of our Senator’s in Florida, along with 7 other Senator’s want to make daylight savings permanent. They believe that is leaves more time for kids to play outside at night and also leads to less car accidents. On the flip side, children need to stand outside at the bus stops in the morning in the dark. Either way the whole thing is up for debate.

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I have to say I feel lucky. I accept myself for who I am. I can speak freely. I always find help when I ask. Love is given freely as a gift. I am free to be myself. There have been so many miracles during the pandemic. We are putting one foot in front of the other as we heal. There is a design for us and a purpose for us all.

When you are unhappy remember the 4 C’s – connection, coping, contributing, and cooking. All of these can help us be healthier and happier humans.

It’s a new day tomorrow, and I hope you have a great week!

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