It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.

As you go through life, you’ve got to see the valleys as well as the peaks.

Rock and roll is here to stay.

Earth is a flower and it’s pollinating.

I don’t like war. I particularly don’t like the celebration of war, which I think the administration is a little bit guilty of.

Studios are passe for me. I’d rather play in a garage, in a truck, or a rehearsal hall, a club, or a basement.

One new feature or fresh take can change everything.

The rockets and the satellites, spaceships that we’re creating now, we’re pollinating the universe.

As I get older, I get smaller. I see other parts of the world I didn’t see before. Other points of view. I see outside myself more.

The ’60’s was one of the first times the power of music was used by a generation to bind them together.

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When people start asking you to do the same thing over and over again, that’s when you know you’re way too close to something that you don’t want to be near.

With Crazy Horse, it’s all one big, growing, smoldering sound, and I’m part of it. It’s like gliding, or some sort of natural surfing.

This thing called Patriot Act, through which we abdicated a lot of our civil rights to defend the country against terrorism, it’s a four-year story.

When the punk thing came along and I heard my friends saying, I hate these people with the pins in their ears. I said, Thank God, something got their attention.

It’s cool to go places where working people are happy.

I don’t like American Media – particularly Fox.

When you’re young, you don’t have any experience – you’re charged up, but you’re out of control. And if you’re old and you’re not charged up, then all you have is memories. But if you’re charged and stimulated by what’s going on around you, and you also have experience, you know what to appreciate and what to pass by.

I’ll never be Bob Dylan. He’s the master.

I don’t think I’m a thorn in the industry, I’m just another part of it.

I totally have no other talent and I would be totally out of work if I did anything else.

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I’m not into organized religion. I’m into believing in a higher source of creation, realizing we’re all just part of nature.

I’m not into this judgmental, religious-right kind of thing.

I think I’m going to be making country records for as long as I can see into the future. It’s much more down-home and real.

All that stuff about heavy metal and hard rock, I don’t subscribe to any of that. It’s all just music. I mean, the heavy metal from the 70’s sounds nothing like the stuff from the 80’s, and that sounds nothing like the stuff from the 90’s. Who’s to say what is and isn’t a certain type of music?

We need to spread out now in the universe. I think in 100 years we’ll be living on other planets.

Back then people closed their eyes and listened to music. Today there’s a lot of images that go with the music. A lot of music is crap and it’s all commercial and the images are all trying to sell the record.

I was just 20 years old when I wrote Broken Arrow.

I live for playing live. All my records are live, since After the God Rush, with the exception of Trans and the vocals on Landing on Water.

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