‘Do you think someone could die of a broken heart?’ says the lovely lady riding in Mr. Maxim de Winter’s old Bentley as they exit the hotel. Lily James plays the main character in this horror romance and is courted by Maxim while she is working as a madame’s caretaker in a grand hotel on the English coast in the early 1900’s.

Directed by Ben Wheatley, this movie was well costumed and had beautiful scenery throughout.

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The entire cast meet in a lovely grand hotel, and there is a soon spark of romance in the air as the main character and more recent widower unexpectedly is reminded of the comfort of a new romance. They drive up and down the English coast together while they fall in love. They meet up for nice dinners, lunches, art shows, and drives that seem fateful and perfectly timed.

As they dine and sight see, where soon through travelling they come across a sailboat where they see two people naked making love. She gasps and they run down to the beach and go swimming together. This slow romantic movie starts to move more quickly as the leads fall for each other.

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It soon turns out that Mrs. Van Hopper, the lovely ladies companion and employer, wants to go to New York to start a new life and wants to take he lovely companion lady with her. Maxim the man will not have it and asks her to marry him. She agrees and tells Mrs. Van Hopper. She soon tells her that he is just lonely and looking for someone to distract him from his wives ghost.

Soon the movie takes a dark twist where the lovely lady starts to discover more about the fellows ex wife and the circumstances around her death.

She drives with Maxim to Manderley, where his mansion and many servants live is along with house manager, who seems like a firecracker of a woman who is not very happy with his new courtship.

I highly recommend this movie as it is a great time piece, where the homes and hotels are just lovely pieces of art from the Renaissance period.

Have you seen Rebecca yet on Netflix? Did you enjoy it?

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