This series is quite creepy, but also very telling about the inside of the mind of serial killers. No one really knows why someone is lead to kill, but here is a series and documentary that shows us why killers end up murdering others. The killing becomes an addiction that cannot be stopped.

The criminal minds of Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Joel Rifkin, and Jeffrey Dalmer, all have similar ways of murdering others that includes binding, torturing, and eventually killing their subjects.

Psychological profiling comes up as a way to understand the back end of why the killers do what they do. They look for links and commonalities to see what leads these monsters down the path of evil.

Usually these killers come from broken homes that have absent fathers and a dominate mother. When the fathers are absent, the children suffer psychological and physical abuse. These problems come from alcoholism and mental illness in the family.

3 behavioral red flags that murderers are said to have in childhood include bed wetting, fire setting, and animal killing. This is dubbed the MacDonald triangle and the triad of the homicidal personality. Ted Bundy, Jeff Dalher and Dennis Rader all killed and tortured animals in childhood.

The dysfunctional childhoods of serial killers are said to create a cold-hearted lack of empathy. Lack of empathy is a quality of a psychopath. Not all psychopaths are criminals, but it is a common in serial killers. They often do not have remorse when doing bad things, they have an absence for concern for others. Serial killers have a mixture of charm, manipulation, and violence to satisfy their own emotional needs. It is emotional, interpersonal and psychological absences that lead them to kill.

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