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10 Signs You Work in a Toxic Work Environment

1. Colleagues throw you under the bus

2. Colleagues take credit for your work

3. Colleagues gossip

4. Your morale is low

5. You are working over time

6. Colleagues don’t respect your boundaries

7. Colleagues discriminate against you because of your age, sex, color, or sexual orientation

8. Your boss doesn’t support you, and is proactively stunting your growth

9. Illegal immigration practices may be occurring, and preferential treatment is given to those of a certain race or sex

10. Your time, health and wealth boundaries are not being respected

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it is best to contact a Labor Law Lawyer that specializes in these cases to help you file a suit.

Make sure to document any pervasive behavior and be able to specify when colleagues harrassed you, how they did it, and why.

Many times harrassment stems from deep insecurity from others, but it can become dark quickly.

A Labor Law Lawyer will be able to give you the run down on your rights, and will only get paid if you do.

Therefore they will fight to win.

Remember, you are worthy, and your are strong. You will get through this!

Many experience these work environments and go silent, as they tend to blame themselves for others behavior.

The reality is being mistreated is not your fault, and you have legal rights to prosecute the company responsible for allowing it to continue.

The scarier part is that Human Resources will support the behavior.

They will use benchmarks like turnover is low, so there may not be a problem.

This is far from the truth. Many stay in the abusive environment for longevity and fear of not finding another better job so they tolerate it.

If you are working in a hostile environment, know your rights as you could have a very lucrative case on your hands.

And remember, you are strong and you will get through this! 🤘♥️🙌

I’m the Babe Ruth of Media

If you don’t know Babe Ruth I feel bad for you, son. I’ve got 99 problems but a snake ain’t one!

Team dynamics is THE most important part of a any organization you join.

And as my Aunt Cindy says, when there’s time for snakes, you need to bring in the rakes.

Any high performance leader understands this concept.

If there is a snake in the grass, the snake needs to be removed.

If there is a traitor in the building that sabotages time and energy of others, while sitting around and playing games, time to go.

Anyone that is not actively building in a company in a profitable way needs to be removed, as they are just doing what’s best for their own agenda rather than the companies.

Do you have any snakes in your grass?