Whoomp, there it is! Oh yeah, that’s right! I got my ticket to see the new animated film The Bad Guys movie this weekend and we are really excited to all go as a family.  There are massive billboards promoting the new movie all over Los Angeles and the kids are really excited to see it. 

My favorite thing to do when I was little was head to the movies with friends and relatives. There is something about the big screen, the dimmed lights, and the popcorn and candy that make it an unforgettable experience. After a few years of lockdown and watching movies on the couch, we are all super pumped to head to the big theater to catch a new flick. Although much more expensive, it really is the experience rather than the cost associated with it.

And what else is there to do with the kids on the weekend? Well it actually turns out to be alot. We’ve gone to every beach town, jumpy castle park, trampoline, jungle gym, and even the dreaded Chucky Cheese. It was just to attend a kids birthday party, calm down. I don’t just live to go to Chucky Chese on the weekend.

We’ve also hiked the mountains, arcades, painting classes, tennis, museums, baseball and basketball too. The kids are still bored. I mean we never had computers growing up and our kind of fun included a kickball and some red flags for catch the flag. Not to mention SPUD, which also involves a kickball only. How could these kids possibly be bored? They have their own laptops and games like Minecraft and Roblox. What more could a kid want?

Side note. Sometimes I forget the power of advertising when watching YouTube with them. When they see an advertisement for a chocolate bar of course they inherently want one. Oy vey!

So other than everything else we could possibly do, we decided to buy tickets to the theater nearby. Luckily the seats are extra comfortable and the restrooms are always pretty clean, which is hard to find in LA.

Now that the world has opened again, it is nice to be out and about. We enjoyed driving around and park hopping during the pandemic. Now it’s time to do the things we love again. I am lucky to have the ability to take the kids to a movie when they want, and really enjoy hanging with them.

What are your plans this weekend? What have you done during the pandemic to keep you busy?

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