Powerful Words To Promote Your Best Self

Comfort, Love, Respect, Magical, Great, Gratitude, Believe, Dream, Diamond, Evolve, Faithful, Glory, Powerful, Evolve, Freedom, Responsible, Smart, Wisdom, Light, Mastery, Flow, Success, Focus, Trustworthy, Truthful, Dream, Ascension, Divine, King, Passion, Peace, Unity, Learning, Reward, Rich, Stunning, Abundant, Boss, Mastery, Wealth, Wonderful, Wellness, Charasmatic, Energetic, Rise, Passion, Wisdom, Sacred, Blessed, Amazing, Gifted, Comforting, Higher Self, Illumination, […]

Pop quiz! How many baths have I taken this year?

A. 10 B. 15 C. Over 50 D. Over 100 What’s your guess, I’ll let you know if you’re right! #leverageambition #leverageambi1 #leverage #ambition #eat #drink #wegotthatyummyyummy #life #family #winning #winningagain #videogames #gamingsuckers #twitch #amazon #youtube #etsy #netflix #instagram #twitter #movies #entertainment #latest #newreleases #shop #talktous #beyou #begreat #beyoubegreat A Part of Waterview Marketing Leverage […]

FREE @LogitechG Flight Simulator Throttle Quadrant on @MSFSOfficial

Also another friendly reminder that Top Gun will also be releasing in 2020 too! Microsoft Flight Simulator has announced it’s newest version of Flight Simulator. Flight Simulator was created in 1982 and dorks globally embraced it with simultaneous fury and glory. Now August 2020, and they are giving away a brand new LogitechG Flight Simulator […]

Steve Bannon Arrested, Among 3 Others Charged With Fraud

‘We Build The Wall’ campaign was a non-profit campaign built to raise funds to build the wall, Trump’s Wall that bordered the United States and Mexico for border control purposes. 3 others were also charged with fraudulent money laundering when they stuck theirs sticky hands in the cookie jar anad embezzled millions from donors. It’s […]

10 Somewhat Educational Mobile Games My Kids Are Playing This Week

1. Candy Crush Saga Their Grandma is addicted to it too. 2. Sonic the Hedgehog Nothing beats the OG SEGA version. They should have just rereleased the original. 3. Kids A-Z (previously known as Raz Kids) Learning to type like Mavis Beacon 2020 for kids. 4. My Talking Angela Female cat that repeats everything the […]

Why I Feel like ‘Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld’ from Crank Yankers

1. I’ve sold garbage products, similar to ‘Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld’s energy drinks, to make a living and enjoy sugar, a bit of caffeine, and a dash of vodka here and there. 2. I live in a gated community that happens to have a high population of senior citizens similar to ‘Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld’s […]